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Introduction to Programs taught in Chinese

Language: Chinese

Enrollment Time: September

Basic Study Period: 2-3years

Maximum Study Period: 4-5years

Training Objectives: We are committed to cultivating academic and professional senior international talents who show the all-round development of ethical, intellectual, physical and appreciating qualities under the mission of "based in Beijing, facing the whole country, relying on the construction industry and serving urban and rural construction” and the aim of "building a domestic first-class, internationally famous, high-level, open and innovative university with distinctive architectural characteristics" of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Our students will not only master the solid basic theoretical and systematic specialized knowledge of architecture, but also have the ability to engage in scientific research work or independently undertake specialized technical work.

1. Cultivate students with correct outlook on life, world view and values, international vision, law abiding, high morality, strong sense of career and responsibility, noble professional ethics, and willingness to serve the society;

2. Cultivate high-level technical and managerial engineering talents who master the relevant theoretical knowledge required by the engineering industry and solid basic theoretical and professional technical knowledge, and have abilities to conduct engineering practice, solve practical problems, carry out independent scientific research, undertake professional technology or management work and make innovations through the training of this discipline (field);

3. Empower students with healthy knowledge and skills, develop their physical strength, strengthen their physique, cultivate their willpower, and make them physically and mentally healthy;

4. Cultivate students' aesthetic sense, develop their ability to appreciate and create beauty, and cultivate their noble sentiment and civilized quality;

5. Make students familiar with Chinese history, geography, society, economy and other basic knowledge of China's national conditions and culture, understand China's political system and foreign policy, and comprehend China's mainstream values and public morality;

6. Develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes and skills of inclusiveness, recognition and adaptation to cultural diversity, so as to play a role in mutual respect, understanding and solidarity among different ethnic groups, societies and countries.

Main Majors:

Schools Discipline
Major Name Length of Major(years) Degree
1 School of Architecture and Urban Planning 0813 Architecture Architecture 4 Doctor of Architecture
2 0813 Architecture Architecture 3 Master of Engineering
3 Preservation of Historic Buildings 3 Master of Engineering
4 0833 Urban and Rural Planning Urban and Rural Planning 3 Master of Engineering
5 0834 Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture 3 Master of Engineering
6 1305 Design Design 3 Master of Arts
7 School of Civil and Transportation Engineering 0814 Civil Engineering Civil Engineering 4 Doctor of Engineering
8 0814 Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering 3 Master of Engineering
9 Structural Engineering 3 Master of Engineering
10 Bridge and Tunnel Engineering 3 Master of Engineering
11 0823 Transportation Engineering Road and Railway Construction 3
Master of Engineering
12 Transportation Planning and Management 3 Master of Engineering
13 School of Environment and Energy Engineering 0830 Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Science 3 Master of Engineering
14 Environmental Engineering 3 Master of Engineering
15 0813 Architecture Building Technology Science 3 Master of Engineering
16 Preservation of Historic Buildings 3 Master of Engineering
17 0814 Civil Engineering Municipal engineering 3
Master of Engineering
18 Heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning works 3 Master of Engineering
19 School of Electrical and Information Engineering 0811 Control Science and engineering Control Science and engineering 3 Master of Engineering
20 School of Urban Economics and Management 1201 Management Science and Engineering Management Science and Engineering 2 Master of Management
21 1251 Business Administration Business Administration 2 MBA
22 0352 Social Work Social Work 2 MSW
23 School of Geomatics and Urban Spatial Information
0813 Architecture Preservation of Historic Buildings 3 Master of Engineering
24 0816 Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Geodesy and Survey Engineering 3 Master of Engineering
25 Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 3 Master of Engineering
26 Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering 3 Master of Engineering
27 School of Mechanical-electronic and Vehicle Engineering 0802 Mechanical engineering Mechanical engineering 3 Master of Engineering
28 0823 Transportation Engineering Carrier Utilization Engineering 3 Master of Engineering
29 School of Science 0701 Mathematics Applied Mathematics 3 Master of Science
30 Operations Research and Cybernetics 3
Master of Science

Admission Requirements:

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens hold a valid ordinary foreign passport or international certification documents;

2. Applicants are in good health;

3. Applicants for Master’s degree generally shall be no more than 35 years old. Applicants for PhD generally shall be no more than 40 years old.

4. Degree Requirements: Applicants for Master’s degree shall have obtained bachelor's degree or equivalent. Applicants for PhD shall have obtained master's degree or equivalent.

5. Major Requirements: Applicants for Master’s degree or PhD in Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture or Design, should have bachelor's or master’s degree in Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture or Design.

Applicants for Master’s degree or PhD in Control Science and Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, should have bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Automation, Electronics or Electrical Related.

6. Language Requirements(Applicants should generally meet one of the following conditions):

(1)Applicants shall submit a HSK4 qualification certificate within valid period.

(2)Applicants who have taken all courses in Chinese during their bachelor’s or master’s degree studies are exempt from the HSK certificate requirement, if proof of teaching in Chinese from the graduated university is provided.

(3)The TOEFL iBT or IELTS Academic transcript can be provided as an auxiliary material for the application.

How to Apply

1. Online Application System: http://apply.bucea.cucas.cn/

2. Materials:

(1)Application Form for International Students, completed in Chinese or English online

(2)Final academic certificate or study certificate

(3)Transcripts of all the final academic years

(4)Study or research plan (no less than 1,000 words, written in Chinese)

(5)Two Letters of Recommendation signed by professors or associate professors, written in Chinese or English with the signature or official seal

(6)Language proficiency certificate

(7)Scanned copy of valid regular passport

(8)CV, completed in Chinese or English

(9)Foreigner Physical Examination Form

(10)No criminal certificate

(11)Those who apply for the major of Architecture need to provide a collection of design works or a published academic paper of your major.

(12)Other materials: proof of internship or work, proof of awards or scholarships, and proof of participation in academic activities

Contact Information

International Development Research Institute (School of International Education)


Tel:+86 (0) 10 61209538