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Summer School

The 4th International Summer School of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture successfully concluded.

On the evening of August 7, the fourth International Summer School came to a successful conclusion. Institute of International Development (International Education College), Office of Academic Affairs, relevant staff of this summer school and all students attended the closing ceremony, which was presided over by Huang Xing, Institute of International Development (International Education College).

First of all, the student representatives of each class conducted a group discussion report. Chinese and foreign students from various classes worked together, sharing their research results focused on international engineering education, energy conservation and emission reduction and urban ecological civilization under the background of the “Belt and Road”, diverse architectural culture and cross-border exchanges, urban design and urban management under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and Youth Assisting Beijing’s International Exchanges Center Construction and other topics. In addition to sharing professional knowledge, the trainees also talked about impressive teachers, courses and unforgettable class seminars and so on, expressing their feelings and gains in this international summer school. This summer, Chinese and foreign teachers and students have increased their knowledge, enriched their experience, broadened their horizons, and gained sincere friendship as well.

After that, the trainees also gave various cultural performances, including the recitation of the poem with music called “FOLLOW YOUR OWN COURESE”, the song “Opening”, and the recitation of Chinese classical poem “Mangshenzhou Fu”.

The one-week online courses are designed around popular academic hotspots and topics of interest to students, including cutting-edge topics such as the design and evaluation system of green buildings, the invisible environmental problems caused by the epidemic, the industrialization of robots and buildings, and new earthquake disaster assessment methods, as well as the application of remote sensing in civil engineering, concrete durability research, and technical countermeasures after great earthquakes and other professional fields. The trainees reflected that they had gained a lot, many of whom volunteered to ask for the teachers’ contact information after the course for subsequent exchanges and discussions.

In her speech, Jiang Jie, the Distinguished President of the Institute of International Development (International Education College),summed up that this online International Summer School is featured by its largest scale since its establishment, more attention paid to academic hot spots and cutting-edge topics in its professional field, higher interaction and participation between teachers and students through online mode, and effective improvement of students' independent thinking, research and language expression ability with the addition of group seminars. She fully affirmed the excellent performance of the students in this summer school, praised them for their hard work and teamwork spirit, and expressed her gratitude to the staff and volunteers for their contribution to this summer school. She hoped that Chinese and foreign students could learn from each other’s strong points and make up for their weaknesses on the basis of this summer school’s learning achievements, and continue to enhance communication and exchange, so as to make the International Summer School a platform for students to broaden their international vision and improve their cross-cultural communication ability.

In the two academic lectures on the first day, Academician Panza and Professor Demin Feng shared with the students on the topics of the topics of “New Deterministic Earthquake Disaster Assessment Method (NDSHA)” and “Technical Countermeasures after the 311 Great East Japan Earthquake”, respectively.

After a day of learning and exchange, Amanda, an international student who has been to China many times, said: “The experience brought by this special online summer school is fresh and unprecedented. I will learn about the current situation and development of environment-friendly buildings of China and even of the world, and understand the challenges mankind are faced with and the responsibility of creating a better world."Teodora lazovic of the University of Novi Sad in Serbia thinks she can keep up with and understand the teacher's lectures, which are very interesting and attractive. Wang Meiqi, a student from the school of mechanical and electrical engineering of, said:“ although the courses were taught in English, the students’ enthusiasm for participation is not reduced at all, and they asked the professor questions in English one after another. The classes on the first day are so rewarding that I am looking forward to the following courses even more.

This summer international school will last five days, providing eight high-level academic lectures; students will be divided into seven classes to carry out group discussion and complete the graduation report.