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BUCEA 2021 International Student Enrollment Guide for Undergraduates

Beijing University of Civil Engineering & Architecture (BUCEA), which originated from Capital Elementary Industrial School in 1907, got its current name with the approval of the Ministry of Education, P. R. China in 2013. It is a multidisciplinary university focusing on engineering especially known for architecture. The university was approved as a Master’s degree awarding institution in 1986 and a doctor's degree awarding institution in 2018. It has also been approved to establish post-doctoral research stations in architecture and civil engineering. The university has over 10,000 students, including 121 international academic students, 7,713 full-time undergraduates, 2,548 postgraduate students, 83 PhD students and 766 adult education students.

The school insists on open policy and carries out extensive international educational exchanges and cooperation. At present, it has established cooperative and exchange relations with 94 colleges and institutions in 42 countries and regions, such as the USA, France, the UK and Russia. In October 2017, the school launched a One Belt and One Road international coalition of architecture universities, in order to constantly deepen the initiative, to promote the infrastructure construction, international talent training, collaborative innovation of science and technology and the cultural exchanges along the Belt and Road. Currently 57 schools from 24 countries join the alliance.

I. Applicant Qualification

1. Applicant should be non-Chinese citizens who are in good health and hold a valid ordinary foreign passport.


(1) Residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan must hold a valid foreign passport for more than 4 years (inclusive) to study in China as foreign students after immigrating to a foreign country, and have actual records of more than 2-year residence in foreign countries within the last 4 years (by June 30, 2021). (Actually living abroad for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one year, subject to entry and exit signatures)

(2)Foreign citizens of Chinese origin (including former Chinese citizens who have obtained foreign citizenship, as well as non-Chinese as descendants of present or former Chinese citizens) can apply for Residence Permit in China and register their academic records as international students, only after being officially recognized by National Immigration Administration as foreign citizens. Please refer to the Instructions for Citizenship Certification for more information. Those who are not officially recognized as foreign citizens will have their qualification for enrollment revoked.

2. Applicants for bachelor’s degree generally shall be no less than 18 years old and no more than 30 years old (as of September 1, 2021).

3. Applicants for bachelor’s degree shall be high school graduates or have high school diploma with university application qualifications and good academic performance.

4. Bachelor’s degree is full-time education. Once applicants enroll, it is not allowed to do the internship or work permanently. Once a violation is found, student who refuses to change after admonition will be handled as withdrawing from university.

II. Application Deadline

June 30, 2021 (application will not be accepted after the deadline)

III. Application Procedures

Applicants shall apply online at http://apply.bucea.cucas.cn/ by filling in information and uploading application materials online. Applicants are expected to keep their phones on and check their online application account and emails regularly, as BUCEA’s Admissions Office may contact them when necessary.

IV. Application Documents

Applicants must provide true and correct information in all application documents in the online application system:

1. Application Form for International Students, which shall be completed in Chinese or English and will be automatically generated after successful online application.

2. To apply for a bachelor’s program, applicants shall submit their high school diploma or submit their pre-graduation certificates (they must get their undergraduate diploma before September 2021).

3. Academic Transcripts (for high school studies)

(1) Graduating high school students should submit academic transcripts for each year of high school to date.

(2) High school graduates should submit a complete set of academic transcripts for high school.

(3) The results report of their national college matriculation exam or internationally accepted standardized tests.

4. Language Proficiency Certificate.

(1) Chinese proficiency requirements

Applicants shall submit a HSK4 qualification certificate within valid period. Applicants who have taken all courses in Chinese during their bachelor’s or master’s degree studies are exempt from the HSK certificate requirement, if proof of teaching in Chinese from the graduated university is provided.

(2) English proficiency requirements

The TOEFL iBT or IELTS Academic transcript can be provided as an auxiliary material for the application.

5. Scanned copy of valid regular passport. The passport should be valid through December 31, 2021.

To avoid bad influences in their registration and application for the Residence Permit in China, foreign citizens of Chinese origin (including former Chinese citizens who have obtained foreign citizenship, as well as the non-Chinese descendants of present or former Chinese citizens) are strongly advised to put together the required documents according to the Instructions for Citizenship Certification before their arrival in China.

6. CV, completed in Chinese or English.

7. Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed in Chinese or English, bearing the stamp of the hospital. Physical examination results are valid for 6 months.

8. No Criminal Certificate, written in English.

9. Applicants can provide proof of internship or work, proof of awards or scholarships, and proof of participation in academic activities as supplementary materials.


(1) All the application materials in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by the original copy and its notarized translation in Chinese or English. It is advised to have the original copy and its translation notarized at the Chinese Embassy in the applicant’s home country. Please stamp on the edges of all sheets with part of the impression on each sheet if the document consists of more than one page.

(2) Applicants are expected to submit a complete set of application materials and will be held accountable for the authenticity of their documents. Incomplete or forged materials will be rejected.

(3) In general, there is no need to mail original hard-copy materials through courier service. However, under extraordinary circumstances, BUCEA reserves the rights to require applicants to mail original hard-copy documents for further review and identification. No application materials will be returned, regardless of the outcome of the application.

V. Academic Programs

List of undergraduate majors for international students in 2021.


Major Name


Length of Major




Architecture (Experiment)

School of Architecture and Urban Planning


Bachelor of Architecture




Bachelor of Architecture


Preservation Engineering of Historic Buildings


Bachelor of Engineering


Environmental Design


Bachelor of Arts


Intelligent Construction Engineering

School of Civil and Transportation Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering


Civil Engineering (Experiment)


Bachelor of Engineering


Civil Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering


Transportation Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering


Building Environment and Energy Engineering

School of Environment and Energy Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering


Water Science and Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering


Experimental Class for Environmental Innovative Talents


Bachelor of Engineering


Energy and Power Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering



School of Electrical and Information Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering


Building Electricity and Intelligence


Bachelor of Engineering


Computer Science (Experiment)


Bachelor of Engineering


Management Science and Engineering

School of Urban Economics and Management


Bachelor of Management


Business Administration


Bachelor of Management


Surveying and Mapping Engineering (Intelligent Navigation)

School of Geomatics and Urban Spatial Information


Bachelor of Engineering


Surveying and Mapping Engineering (Urban Spatial Information)


Bachelor of Engineering


Mechatronic Engineering (Intelligent Manufacturing)

School of Mechanical -electronic and Vehicle Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering


Robot Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering


Vehicle Engineering (Experimental Class of Urban Rail Vehicle)


Bachelor of Engineering


Information and Computing Science (Big Data Application)

School of Science


Bachelor of Science 

The undergraduate enrollment majors of BUCEA are all taught in Chinese.

VI. Admission and Selection

1. Verification of qualification

There will be a comprehensive review of the applicant’s foreign identity, highest degree diploma, academic performance, language proficiency, research plan, recommendations etc.

2. Interview assessment

Schools will conduct remote video interview assessment (ZOOM or Tencent Meeting) in July for part of the overseas students who pass the qualification examination, focusing on students' language communication, academic ability and comprehensive quality, etc. Offline interviews may still be arranged for students who are in China. Please refer to email for interview arrangement.

3. The best applicants will be selected according to the results of the qualification examination and interview.

Applicants can check their admission results on the International Development Research Institute (School of International Education) website (http://idri.bucea.edu.cn/) during July and August. Admission letters and visa application forms for study in China will be sent out accordance with the immigration policy.

VII. Length of Program, Duration of Study, Conferral of Degree

Length of study: 4-5years

Duration of study: The maximum length of study for 4-year students is 6 years and 7 years for 5-year students

Students who complete the credits stipulated in the teaching plan, complete their thesis, successfully pass the oral defense and meet the requirements for graduation, are granted the bachelor’s diploma, and those qualified are granted the bachelor degree.

VIII. Tuition Fee (charged per academic year in RMB, excluding cost of course materials)

Chinese bachelor programs: 20000 RMB/ academic year

IX. Study Expenses

1. Accommodation: Double bedroom 60 yuan/day/bed,Triple bedroom 40 yuan/day/bed

2. Living Cost: Around RMB 1000-1500 per month (estimate based on personal consumption level).

3. Medical Insurance: For the safety of international students in China, according to the regulations of the Chinese Ministry of Education and BUCEA, international students are required to purchase medical insurance which is 800 RMB/year. Please refer to the enrolment instructions for detailed information of medical insurance.

4. Visa: 550 RMB

X. Scholarships

For undergraduate students, there are the following 3 types of scholarships. Different types of scholarships will not be awarded to the same person at the same time. The scholarships will be reviewed once a year from the second year of enrollment, and eligible students can apply directly.

1. First-class Scholarships: to subsidize all tuition fees for one academic year.

2. Second-class Scholarships: to subsidize half of the tuition fees for one academic year.

3. Special Contribution Scholarships: It is used to reward international students who have made outstanding achievements in academic, sports, art, cultural exchanges, and public welfare activities. The amount of subsidy does not exceed 5,000 yuan per person per academic year.

Scholarship applicants must abide by the law, respect teachers, have good moral character, study diligently, unite with classmates, actively participate in group activities, attend the classes on time and complete all the credits of the courses required for the previous academic year with good grades. What’s more, applicants should have paid all tuition fees and meet the requirements of other relevant rules and regulations.

The International Student Scholarships Jury will adhere to the principles of standardization, objectivity and fairness to select scholarship applicants.

XI. Monitoring, Complaints and Action for Misconduct

1. Under the guidance of the University’s Student Recruitment Leadership Group, BUCEA’s international student recruitment is jointly conducted by the BUCEA Admissions Office and the relevant schools/colleges and is subject to the monitoring of the BUCEA Supervision Division. The Supervision Division can be reached on +86 (0)10 61209094/9095/9381.

2. Applicants are responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information and documents they have submitted. New students’ admission qualifications will be rechecked upon their entry to BUCEA. Failure to meet the admission regulations for international students or any falsification or misrepresentation will result in disqualification of enrollment in accordance with the regulations of the educational authorities and BUCEA.

XII. Contact Information

International Development Research Institute (School of International Education)

Tel:+86 (0) 10 61209538