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Student Life


BUCEA library is a landmark building in Daxing District, and is also the starting point of the southern end of BUCEA’s central axis. With a total building area of 35,625 m2, the library is a square building with a height of 32m, a length of 70m and a width of 70m. It has 7 floors above ground and 1 floor underground. It currently has a collection of over 1.5 million books as well as over 3,200 seats for readers, and also includes such spaces as lecture hall, cultural exhibition area, bookstore, audio-visual reading room, teachers' library, university history museum, art museum and exhibition hall.


Based on the concepts of “Studying Architectural Culture, Cultivating Architectural Talents and Inheriting Architectural Civilization”, BUCEA library is a university library with distinctive architectural characteristics in terms of resource construction, environment construction and culture construction as well as currently one of the university libraries with the most complete architectural books in China, where an integrated modern document information service system for collection, circulating and reading (including resource construction, circulation and reading, information consultation, training and guidance, technical support and cultural guidance) is established.