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Construction Management

Department of Construction Management, formerly known as the Teaching and Research Section of Construction Economic Management in the Department of Civil Engineering, is funded by Professor Liu Changbin and Professor Cong Peijing in 1997. Since 1998, the department has been qualified to award master degree of Management Science and Engineering. The department has also been qualified to provide Master of Engineering Management (MEM) in 2018 and to provide qualification training and vocational training for first-class Construction Engineers, Cost Engineers, Supervision Engineers and other professionals in construction sector. The department is the cradle for construction management and cost management talents for Beijing and the broader Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

The department offers two undergraduate programs: Construction Management which has been selected as National first-class major and Cost Engineering which has been selected as Beijing first-class major. The Department of Construction Management has outstanding faculties with a total of 21 full-time lectures, including 4 professors, 7 associate professors and 10 lecturers, 95% of which has been awarded with doctoral degree. In addition, 6 staff members has worked as member of National Steering Committee for Construction Management and Quantity Surveying (SCCMQS) and evaluation experts of the Major of Civil Engineering. The department hence has established a full-time teach-research team leading by SCCMQS members and several awarded teachers as well as part-time lectures leading by Academician Xiao Xuwen, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

public management

Founded in December 2009, the Department of Public Administration is a teaching and research unit of urban management with distinctive architectural university characteristics. Rooted upon the strategic demands of China's new urbanization and the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, relying on the discipline advantages of Beijing University of Civil engineering and Architecture, we diligently promote the introduction of New Liberal Arts Paradigm into urban management, and provide outstanding young talents with solid fundamental knowledge and visionary perspectives in accordance with the ever changing management demands from municipality of Beijing and its functions. Presently, the department has formed a young, energetic and innovative academic team with excellent structures in terms of educational backgrounds, professional titles and seniorities. There are 12 full-time lectures with educational and academic backgrounds from disciplines of management and economics, more than 80% are awarded with doctoral degrees, including 1 professor, 6 Associate professors, 5 lecturers who have achieved fruitfully in fields of urban management and policy, urban crisis management, land and space governance system, new rural construction and other academic research and policy advisory areas.

Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration was founded in 2002, now has formed a multi-level training system including undergraduate, graduate and subsidiary degree. Based on the principle of business administration, and relying on the characteristics and advantages of BUCEA, the Department serves the strategic needs of China's urban and rural construction, highlights the characteristics of architecture and real estate in discipline and specialty development, personnel training, scientific research and social services. We aim to cultivate students’ abilities in business management, entrepreneurship and international vision. The Department of Business administration has a high-quality and innovative faculty. Among the 16 full-time lectures, there are 5 professors, 10 associate professors and 1 lecturer. They have made outstanding achievements in the fields of technology economy and management, business management, real estate planning, asset evaluation, real estate operation management, logistics and supply chain management.


The Department of Law was established in 2003 and has been involved with the training of master students in Engineering in 2005. The Law Program (Engineering Law and Contract Management) was set up under the Master Program of the  Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) in 2006 and in the Master Program of Engineering in 2008. The Experimental Class of International Engineering Law was launched in 2020. Master of Law was approved in 2020.

The Program meets the 2018 national standards for teaching quality of law and has a team of faculties with well-structured distributions in age and academic degrees, as well as a balanced combination of professional titles, especially we value our faculty members with real-world professional backgrounds. There are 12 full-time lectures among which more than 90% have the legal professional qualification and over 80% have the occupations such as the director of industry association, legislative consultation expert for the government, people’s assessor, arbitrator and legal advisor for enterprises. The quality of students, employment rate and employment quality of the Program are among the top three of all majors in BUCEA. Most of the graduates have become the backbone of their organizations, a large number of outstanding graduates were awarded with the excellent judges of Beijing and advanced workers of Beijing.

Social Work

The Department of Social Work initially enrolled higher vocational students in 2004 and undergraduates in 2005. In 2014, it was approved to award Master Degree in Social Work, and in 2015 recruited the first batch of graduate students. In 2018, it was qualified in the assessment by the National NSW Educational Committee. Keeping its foothold in Beijing, the major focuses on meeting the personnel demands on social service and management. Students are trained with professional ethics, and to master specialized knowledge and skills in social work with aims of cultivating versatile talents interested in social justice, team spirits and innovative thinking and with practical know-how in community construction and planning.

Currently, the department has 21 lectures, including 9 MSW supervisors. Among them, 12 full-time teachers from the Department of Social Work, and 9 professional teachers from other majors of BUCEA. The teaching staff has strong practical ability, 3 teachers have established social work offices and 5 teachers have obtained the qualifications as social workers and psychologists.