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The School of Urban Economics and Management is originally developed upon the Department of Management Engineering founded in 1997. Then, its name was changed into the School of Economics and Management Engineering in 2006 and most recently the School of Urban Economics and Management in 2020. Currently, the School of Urban Economics and Management has 5 departments, 4 institutes, 5 centers and 5 bases along with the Green Construction Research Institute and the Urban Management Research Institute founded in 2018. Adhering to the priniciple of development with characteristics, the school constantly optimizes its structure of disciplines and majors, and promotes cross-disciplinary integration. It has four first-class disciplines, i.e., Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Law and Sociology and is qualified to award two academic master's degrees on Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration as well as four professional master degrees, i.e. Master of Engineering Management (MEM), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Social Work (MSW) and Master of Law (ML). The school offers six undergraduate programs, including Construction Management, Cost Engineering, Urban Management, Business Administration, Law and Social Work. Among them, the Construction Management program is a national first-class construction major in China and a first-class key construction discipline in Beijing. The Cost Engineering is a municipal first-class construction major of Beijing. The Management Science and Engineering program passed the evaluation by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China in 2008, 2013 and 2018 with distinction. The MBA and MSW all passed the evaluation by the Ministry of Education of China.

The School of Urban Economics and Management (SUEM)is dedicated in improving faculty quality . Presently, more than 60% of its full-time teaching staff have senior professional titles, over 80% of them with doctoral degrees, and more than 50% are Double Qualified Talents. SUEM actively diversifies its educational approaches, and has achieved fruitful results in teaching. SUEM focuses on nurturing talented young prospects who interested in the field of construction, real estate and urban management from Beijing as well as the whole country. Currently, there are over 1,700 students enrolled in SUEM. Its graduates are welcomed and recognized by employers for their comprehensive know-hows, solid professional knowledge and strong application ability.