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School of Science was founded in 2008 and developed from the Foundation Department set up in 1958. At present, there are two undergraduate majors, which are Information and Computing Science (Big Data Application Direction) and Electronic Information Science and Technology. There are the First-level Discipline of Mathematics for Master’s Degree Program and the Applied Statistics for Master’s Professional Degree Program, covering five secondary discipline of basic mathematics, applied mathematics, computational mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, operational research and cybernetics.

At the moment, the school has 86 teaching staff, of which 50% are teachers with senior titles and 58% are teachers with doctoral degrees. It is home to 1 Beijing Key Laboratory, 2 Beijing Excellent Teaching Teams, 1 Beijing Academic Innovation Team and 1 Scientific Research Innovation Team supported by the central government, 5 Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement Awards, 2 Beijing Excellent Courses, 1 Beijing Excellent Teaching Materials, 1 National Science and Technology Progress Award, 4 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, and presided over 30 national scientific research projects. The school has successfully held "Sixth International Conference on Biomathematics" and "Symposium on Data Modeling and Mining in Smart City Management", etc. Teachers have long term cooperation and exchange with scholars from the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries.

School of Science undertakes the teaching tasks of mathematics, mechanics, physics, drawing and other public basic courses in the whole school, and makes unremitting teaching reform to continuously improve the teaching quality. At the same time, teachers organize the students to participate in COMAP's Mathematical Contest in Modeling, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, China Undergraduate Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition, and University Physics Competition in Beijing, etc. Students have won more than 100 awards every year, which cultivate their innovative and practical ability.