Mechanical-Electronic & Vehicle Engineering


The School of Mechanical-Electronic and Vehicle Engineering has a long history, which can be traced back to the Metal Engineering College in 1907. In 1977, it began to recruit undergraduates majoring in Construction Machinery. The college has 5 undergraduate majors, 3 master degree awarding units, and 1 doctor degree awarding unit.

The school currently has 66 faculty members, of which 49 are full-time teachers, of whom 43 have a doctoral degree or further education background, 16 have senior professional titles, and 23 are associate professors. There are 6 qualified doctoral supervisors and 30 qualified master supervisors. The school has an Excellent Beijing Teaching Team for Mechanical Engineering and Automation, a Beijing Academic Innovation Team for key technology monitoring, fault diagnosis and self-traction of urban rail vehicles, 3 provincial and ministerial-level talents of the Project of Millions of Talents, 2 leading talents of Beijing’s "High-tech Initiative", 2 Beijing Great Wall Scholars, 2 Beijing Young Top Talents, 1 Beijing Young Talents, 1 Beijing Teaching Teacher, and 1 supervisor talent selected into the Ministry of Education's 10,000 outstanding supervisors‘ talent pool for innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the school has 1 Beijing fine-quality course, 2 Beijing fine-quality textbooks, 4 university fine-quality courses, and 26 textbooks in chief. The school won the first and second prizes of Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement.

The school emphasizes the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality, adheres to open and cooperative education, and gives full play to the collaborative education mechanism. The school has scientific research institutions such as the Beijing Key Laboratory of Urban Rail Transit Vehicle Service Performance Assurance, the Beijing Construction Safety Monitoring Engineering Technology Research Center, and the Urban Emergency Rescue Equipment Research Institute, thereby forming four characteristic disciplines: “Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Theory”, “Mechatronic Engineering”, “Urban Rail Transit Vehicle Engineering”, “Theory and Technology of Intelligent equipment for emergency rescue and rebuilding”. In the past five years, the school has undertaken 125 scientific research projects, including 9 from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 key project and  3 general projects from the Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation. The school has been authorized more than 100 patents and more than 50 million yuan from social service funds. There published 266 academic papers; won the National Science and Technology Award, the Beijing Science and Technology First Prize and 10 other provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.