Mechanical-Electronic & Vehicle Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Based on the orientation of the school and the needs of Beijing, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to the teaching and research of engineering machinery design theory and intelligent manufacturing technology, and has formed a distinctive teaching and research teams. The Department of Mechanical Engineering currently has 10 full-time teachers, including 2 professors, 5 associate professors, and 3 lecturers. Responsible for the teaching tasks of basic courses such as mechanical principle and mechanical design for all majors of the college, and offer professional courses such as construction machinery engine and chassis structure, intelligent manufacturing technology and other professional courses for mechanical engineering students. Among them, the principle of mechanics was rated as a first-class course in Beijing. Published more than 10 textbooks, and won one first prize of Beijing Teaching Achievement. The scientific research teams have conducted in-depth research in the fields of construction machinery safety assessment, advanced manufacturing technology, etc., published more than 100 high-level papers, authorized more than 20 invention patents, and obtained more than 10 scientific research projects and technical awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level.

Mechatronics Engineering

The Department of mechanical and electronic engineering is mainly responsible for the teaching and personnel training of mechanical and electronic engineering undergraduate and mechanical engineering master. At present, the major of mechanical and electronic engineering is the first-class major construction point in Beijing.

The main research directions of the Department of mechanical and electronic engineering include: intelligent control and detection of construction machinery, energy saving and emission reduction of construction equipment power source, etc. More than 30 scientific research projects have been completed and under research, such as National Natural Science Foundation of China and Beijing Natural Science Foundation. Two provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards have been won, and more than 50 postgraduates have been trained.

The Department of mechanical and electronic engineering has a number of test instruments and equipment with international advanced level, such as intelligent hydraulic servo experimental platform, engine combustion analysis experimental device, Emerson multi-channel vibration tester, which provides good conditions for teaching and scientific research. Relying on the experimental equipment, we guide students to obtain more than 80 provincial and ministerial awards, such as national engineering ability training competition, Capital University mechanical innovation competition, etc.

Industrial and Internet Engineering

The Department of Industrial and Internet Engineering is mainly responsible for the teaching and cultivation of the undergraduate majoring Industrial Engineering and the Master of Engineering Management at the School of Mechanical-Electronic and Vehicle Engineering. The Department holds an excellent teaching team.

The research interests of the Department include human factors engineering and virtual reality technology, information systems and big data analytics, emergency management in resilient cities, etc. The Department has cultivated over 50 Master students. More than 30 government-sponsored research projects have been completed or undertaken, including the National Key Research and Development Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Beijing Natural Science Foundation, and the Ministry of Science and Technology Support Program. Over the years, the Department has maintained broad cooperative relationships with research institutes, such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University, and China National Institute of Standardization.

The Department holds a world-leading virtual simulation laboratory, simulation line of industrial production, production operation simulation, and many other platforms. Relying on above experimental equipment, our students won various competition awards, such as "Yongyou Cup" National College Student Sand Table Competition and Beijing Machinery Innovation Competition.

Vehicle engineering

Vehicle engineering is the only undergraduate major in the design, manufacturing and service performance guarantee of urban rail transit vehicles, scientific research and social services in Beijing Municipal Colleges and universities. Relying on the off campus talent training base and Beijing Key Laboratory, the "OBE" teaching concept and system are constructed, the excellent training is carried out, and the spiral training focusing on innovation ability is carried out Thinking into the whole process of vehicle engineering professional training.

This major is a national first-class major and a Beijing first-class major, with Beijing teaching team and the first prize of Beijing teaching achievement. All full-time teachers have doctoral degrees, including 6 professors, 2 associate professors and 6 lecturers. More than 100 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects have been completed and under research, including national key R & D projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China and Beijing Natural Science Foundation. With advanced experimental equipment, we guide students to obtain more than 200 provincial and ministerial awards in Beijing and national mechanical innovation competition.

Robotic Engineering

The Department of Robotic Engineering is mainly responsible for the talent cultivation of undergraduates in robotics and postgraduates in mechatronic engineering. It is committed to the research and education of advanced robotics and cutting-edge technologies of intelligent manufacturing. The research fields includes construction robots and intelligent building equipment, specialized robots and intelligent design, human-robot collaboration research, intelligent inspection robots for bridges and tunnels, rehabilitation assistance robot systems, soft robotics and micro-electromechanical technologies. A series of landmark results have been achieved, such as the ceramic-tile paving robot developed by the team, which won the Silver Award of the Beijing Invention Association; the “Run One” hydraulic quadruped robot won the championship of a bionic platform mountain transport competition in an unmanned system challenge; the service robot was reported by CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV, and Japan’s TV Tokyo; the soft robotic gripping technology, the omnidirectional mobile platform of rehabilitation robots, bridge and tunnel intelligent inspection robot and other industry-university-research projects have delivered social benefits and provided superior conditions for education and scientific research.