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Dean of Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE) was established as Department of Woodworking in Imperial Industrial elementary school in 1907. The grandest department in the School of Civil and Transportation Engineering. The department admitted undergraduates in Residential Architecture from 1958 and started to recruit master graduates in Structural Engineering since 1986. The ACE department comprises two secondary disciplines, Structural Engineering and Disaster Mitigation and Prevention Engineering. The ACE department have strong teaching resources: 12 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 senior experimentalist, 6 lecturers. The ACE department was proud to have 1 National Excellent Young Talent Awardee, 1 National Outstanding Teacher Awardee, 2 State-Council Special Allowance Awardee, 2 Beijing Scholars, 1 Beijing Excellent Teacher Awardee, 3 Beijing Municipal-Education-Commission Top-notch Talents Awardee, and 1 University-wide Outstanding Teacher Awardee.

The ACE department served the capital of China in urban and social development, expertise in prefabricated steel structures and reinforced concrete structures, prestressed steel structures and spatial structures, disaster mitigation and seismic resistance. The ACE department conducted over 60 research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation, National-, and Province- Key Research and Development Programs, and achieved 1 First-class, 2 Second-class National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and 1 First-class Beijing Municipal Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in the past 5 years. Faculties in the ACE department published 20 technical monographs and textbooks, accomplished over 30 educational reform projects, and achieved over 10 province-wise teaching awards. The comprehensive university have 208 graduate students and over 625 undergraduates, students in which harvested more 100 awards in various scientific innovation competitions in the past 5 years. The university develops multiple inter-university joint programs from United States and United Kingdom for study-abroad opportunities for students.

Department of Road and Bridge Engineering

The Department of Road and Bridge Engineering was established in 1950, and it began to recruit master and doctoral students in 2003 and 2018, respectively. The department has 17 full-time faculty members, including five professors, six associate professors, four assistant professors and two post-doctoral fellows. One of them was selected as 100 Leading Talents of Beijing Science and Technology, one was selected as Young and Middle-aged Leader of the Ministry of Science and Technology, one was named as Beijing Great Wall Scholar, one was selected as Beijing Science and Technology Rising Star, and one was selected as Beijing Youth Top Talent. The department has an excellent environment for teaching and research. The laboratory has a area of 2000 m2, and is equipped with a series of experimental equipment, such as Material Testing System (MTS), 2000 tons electro-hydraulic servo long column pressure testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, and asphalt mixture low-temperature freeze-break testing machine, gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS) and laser particle image velocity field instrument.    

In recent years, the department has undertaken more than 20 national projects and won 1 second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and more than 20 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. In terms of teaching, the department integrates innovation and entrepreneurship education into the teaching and training system, and actively leads the undergraduate team to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. It has won more than 30 national competition awards and more than 40 provincial and ministerial competition awards. In 2017, The undergraduate team won the title of "National Xiaoping Technology Innovation Team".

The department has cultivated many outstanding alumni, such as national survey and design masters Ling Luo, Qiwei Bao, Guisheng Liu, etc., who have made important contributions to the construction of the country.

Dean of Department of Underground Engineering

The Department of Underground Engineering was early known as the Geotechnical Teaching and Research Office. The department has 13 faculty members, including1 professors and 4 associate professors. Additionally, 1 teacher supported by 100 Talents Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 1 teacher was selected as the High-level Talents in Universities of Beijing. At present, the Department of Underground Engineering has the right to grant bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (Urban underground Space), master degree and Ph.D. degree of civil engineering. The department also offers postdoctoral research station of civil engineering. The department has a large-scale underground engineering strata simulation platform, advanced triaxial test apparatus for frozen soil, etc. Aims at the major demands of urban underground space development and deep rock mass engineering construction, the Department of Underground Engineering has strengths in the fields of mechanical properties of geotechnical materials, design theory, construction and disaster prevention and mitigation control technologies of underground engineering. For years, the geotechnical engineering discipline has been funded by more than 20 national projects, and won by 1 first-class and 2-first class awards of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. Graduate students, represented by Zaiming Zhang who is the Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who have made significant contributions to the construction of the capital and the country.

Department of Material Engineering

The Department of materials engineering was founded in 2009. Its predecessor can be traced back to the specialty of concrete and building products, which was recruited by the Department of civil engineering  and architecture in 1958. It is one of the earliest units engaged in the research and teaching of building materials in China. The Department of materials engineering has 11 teaching staff, including 3 professors, 7 associate professors and senior engineers. The building materials laboratory covers an area of 1200m2. It has many sets of teaching equipment for building materials experiments and large research equipment such as mercury intrusion porosimeter, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, laser particle size analyzer and rheometer, with a total value of more than 20 million yuan.

This major is committed to cultivating interdisciplinary talents who not only have the basic theoretical knowledge and scientific research ability of materials, but also master the basic theory of civil engineering structure, with broad vision and innovative spirit. More than 30 undergraduates and 20 postgraduates are trained every year. The students are favored by domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutes, large state-owned enterprises and international enterprises.

Transportation Engineering

There are 14 full-time teachers in the department of traffic engineering, including 13 with doctor's degree, 3 professors and 6 associate professors. 90% of them have overseas visiting or studying experience. The Department of Transportation Engineering has the right to confer Doctor's Degree and Master's Degree in Traffic and Transportation Engineering. Their main research interests include urban traffic planning and management, deep learning and traffic big data, intelligent transportation system, urban slow traffic design and simulation, traffic behavior, etc. The traffic engineering major has a long history. It originated from the road and bridge major set up in 1950. In order to serve the traffic construction of the capital, the traffic engineering laboratory was established in 1984 and began to train undergraduates. Road traffic engineering in 2003 began to recruit master graduate student, teaching and research section, established in 2008, a separate recruit, traffic engineering undergraduate specialty in 2010 with a master's degree in transportation engineering level disciplines of architecture, since 2015 double cultivation scheme, together with the Beijing jiaotong university in 2018 to obtain the level 1 discipline of civil engineering (transportation infrastructure direction) doctorate awarded. Up to now, it has formed a team of 14 professional teachers and has two provincial and ministerial key laboratories: Beijing General Aviation Laboratory and Beijing Engineering Technology Center for Urban Transportation Infrastructure Construction.

Department of Intelligent Construction

The Department of intelligent construction was established in July 2020, formerly known as the construction teaching and research office. There are 11 faculty members, including 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 2 lecturers and 2 post-doctoral fellows. It undertakes the teaching work of professional courses, such as civil engineering construction, and practical teachings, such as internship and graduation design, including one national first-class undergraduate course and one Beijing high-quality undergraduate course. The department has won the second prize of Beijing Teaching Achievement Award, Beijing Higher Education Excellent Textbook, and the University Special Prize Teaching Achievement Award. In terms of research, the department has undertaken dozens of national, provincial or ministerial projects, and has made contributions to scientific and technological services for the development of the capital city. With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, the new requirements for talent training and scientific research of traditional majors are proposed.  The department,which is established to respond to the call of the times, will stay true to its cause, assume its mission bravely, and make its due contribution to the development of BUCEA.

Department of Professional Foundation

There are 9 full-time teachers in the department of Professional Foundation, including 2 professors and 3 associate professors. The Department of Professional Foundation takes Structural Mechanics, Building Construction, Architectural Mechanics, Elastic Mechanics,Introduction of Civil Engineering etc as core courses to promote the logical thinking and autonomous analysis ability of students, inspiring their motivation in sustainable development. It pays most attention to cultivate students with basic theory of mechanics, paving path for their further learning in professional skills.