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"China Sponge City" National Education Program Enrollment Guide

Spread the thought of Chinese ecological civilization and promote the construction of sponge city

Strengthen cultural and technological exchanges on urban stormwater management between China and foreign countries, targeting on all international students studying in Beijing

  1. 1.Introduction

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture is a university jointly built by the Beijing Municipal Government and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development. It is a multidisciplinary university with distinct architectural characteristics and a focus on engineering. It is a cradle for cultivating future planners, designers, and architects. Graduates who have been trained have participated in major urban engineering projects in Beijing for over 70 years, and are the backbone of the national and capital city planning, construction and management systems. The university focuses on enhancing its international atmosphere and has established a complete talent training system for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students. The "China Sponge City" national education program relies on national first-class major program, key laboratory of urban stormwater system and water environment, ministry of education, excellent undergraduate education team in Beijing, and high-level scientific research and innovation teams, providing excellent teaching staff and convenient conditions for this national education program.

The "China Sponge City" national education program adopts a combination of theoretical lectures, thematic lectures, and practical learning, combining with online and offline study. This program aims on:i) helping international students to learn the national conditions, concepts, ideas, and methods of sponge city construction in China; ii) guiding the international students to understand China's important contributions to ecological civilization construction, and master the knowledge and methods of sponge city construction planning and design; iii) Through on-site learning the smart city stormwater management project, the old city water system, and the sponge city engineering project of Beijing municipal administrative center, guiding the international students to become participants and promoters of China sponge city construction.

  1. 2.Program schedule

The program is planned to be conducted in the form of the training course from May to October in 2024 (planned to be held on weekends and summer time). The teaching language is mainly Chinese, and the program will recruit 15-20 international students. Two directions “the development process of China sponge city”and “the planning and construction of sponge city”were involved that covers 10 themes and a total of 32 learning hours.

Note: The above schedule is for reference only, and the specific arrangementcould be based onthe course schedule after the start of the program.

3. Admission requirements

(1) International students studying in China from Beijing who hold a regular foreign passport.

(2) Age 18 and above, physically and mentally healthy, friendly to China, and with good character. No criminal record.

(3) Possessing a high school or university graduation certificate and proof of enrollment from the current institution.

(4) Having a valid certificate of insurance for international students studying in China during participation of this program.

(5) Chinese language proficiency requirement: HSK level 4 or above qualification certificate.

(6) Applicants with a background in engineering are given priority in admission.

4. Costs

The relevant costs generated by this program are supported by the funding of the National Education Project. This includes tuition fees, transportation fees, ticket fees, certificate production fees, etc. during the course learning period.

5. Application procedure

Applicants need to submit complete admission documents to Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, including the admission application form (the download website for the admission application form, scanned copies of passport front page and valid visa page, insurance certificate, and Chinese language proficiency certificate. The application email:

6. Application deadline

The deadline is from today to May 15, 2024.

7. Completion and certificate award

Upon completion of the training course andlearning tasksof this program, the certificate award issued by the School of Environment and Energy Engineering and the International Development Research Institute (School of International Education)of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture could be provided to each student.

8. Contact information

Office 322, Research Building, No.1 Zhanlanguan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

Contact person: Mr. Jin, Ms. Zhang

Consultation hotline: 010-68361635;