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2021 International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management (ICCREM 2021)


2021 International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management (ICCREM 2021)


The 2021 International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management (ICCREM 2021) is jointly organized by Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Umeå University, Tsinghua University, Louisiana State University, University of Alberta, Guangzhou University, Marquette University, and Nottingham Trent University. The conference will be held by Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and will be sponsored by the Construction Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Construction Industry High-Quality Development Institute of the China Construction Industry Association (CCIA). The Conference is a continuation of the ICCREM series, which has been held annually since 2003. Papers of the 2003 to 2012 conferences were included in the ISTP databases or ISSHP databases, and papers of the 2013 to 2019 conference were all included in the EI databases. The papers of ICCREM 2020 have been submitted to ASCE and are waiting to be indexed by EI.

Meeting objectives

At the beginning of establishment, ICCREM tried to increase the communication of researchers and educators of construction and real estate. With the development of the meeting, ICCREM extends its responsibility and aims to create an international platform for researchers, educators, and practitioners from colleges and universities, research institutes, government agencies, consulting firms, construction companies, financial institutions and other related organizations to exchange ideas, share knowledge, build networks, and explore future potentials in construction and real estate industries.

Conference participants

Faculties, researchers, students, owners, developers, architects, planners engineers, contractors, material suppliers, vendors, bankers, maintenance and service providers, government officers, and anyone who is interest in construction and real estate professions.

Conference Topic

Challenges of the Construction Industry under the Pandemic

Conference publication

The papers of ICCREM 2021 will be included in the ASCE database, and then the ASCE Press will submit them to EI. The word-length of an abstract should be about 150 words. All papers must be written using the specified format that is available on the conference website. A final paper should not be less than four pages, but not exceed eight pages. Submissions should be made electronically using an MS-Word file. Please register and submit papers via the conference website ( The papers without the registration fee paid before the deadline will not be accepted or published. At least one of the co-authors of a paper registers. According to the opinion of reviewers, papers with high quality will be awarded the annual excellent papers of ICCREM.