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Call for BRAUIC Newsletter Articles


Dear member universities,

BRAUIC Newsletter 2021 (Vol. 2)  has been published by the BRAUIC Secretariat. This newsletter is the collaborative effort of the member universities. It is a way for us to celebrate the work that our member universities are doing, engage in discussion about important issues, and share information, opportunities and resources aimed at supporting our shared mission of international cooperation and exchanges.

Allow your university stories and voice to be heard by contributing to this newsletter. Here are the details:

Ⅰ Type of Content

ⅰ Latest About BRAUIC

Includes latest news on BRAUIC development, activities, member universities’ involvement and more.

ⅱ Members in the News

Includes member universities’ major news, conferences, and activities, covering such topics as international exchanges, university partnerships, academic and research achievements, organization of competitions, etc.

ⅲ Events

Includes announcements and call for participation of upcoming events, such as international seminars/conferences, summer schools, competitions, etc.

ⅳ Official Documents

Includes important documents issued by such government bodies as the Ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs and Science and Technology.

ⅴ Projects

Includes information about projects in scientific research cooperation and cultural exchanges organized or funded by governments, organizations, universities, etc.

ⅵ Cover University

Includes a featured building of a member university and information about university overview, contact, website, etc.

Ⅱ Article Requirements

ⅰ Brief, topical, news oriented.

ⅱ The number of words is not limited. High-quality photos and illustrations are encouraged to illustrate and emphasize the message.

ⅲ Please submit articles in English.

ⅳ Add a link if the article is forwarded.

ⅴ Please include the name of your organization and the writer.

ⅵ No definite deadline is set for this  Call for BRAUIC Newsletter Articles .

Ⅲ Submission

Feel free to email your contributions and comments to

Contact Person: Ms. LI Yang

Tel: +86 10 68327443


Your contributions and comments are greatly welcomed to be published for the following edition!

BRAUIC Secretariat

October, 2021

Click to read the full text of BRAUIC NEWSLETTER (Vol. 2, 2021):