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Call for Participation: GPBL ITS-KONE-BRAUIC 2023

Global Project-Based Learning (GPBL) is a short program where students from different countries work as tag teams to discuss and solve problems presented by higher education institutions and corporations. GPBL encourages students to engage in acquiring problem-solving capabilities, systems thinking, and systems management skills through this problem-solving experience. GPBL is also one of the endeavors aimed to strengthen Industry and Academia partnerships.

This time, ITS Surabaya in collaboration with KONE Corporation and the Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC) proudly presents Global Project-Based Learning (GPBL) ITS-KONE-BRAUIC 2023 – The Future of Sustainable Building: Innovation and Collaboration. The program will discuss 5 case studies on architectural and green building solutions where participants compete to resolve the problem with a global perspective.

Case Studies (subject to change):

1. How to ensure the building stays in trend and is engaging for all end users.

2. How to validate the extra costs used when choosing sustainable materials, digital solutions, and other value-added services to the tenants.

3. How to prepare a safe neighborhood, accessible, and inclusive for the elderly and citizens with special needs.

4. How to streamline and optimize data aggregation to better understand how the facility can be used to ensure safety, security, and a better tenant experience.

5. How to ensure an elevator/escalator is bought 2 years before installation that the solution is still up-to-date and relevant.

Participants are invited to join our online program to compete as 25 best students that will be selected and participate in the offline program at ITS Surabaya.

The implementation of GPBL program will be in conjunction with the 2023 BRAUIC Conference and Forum. The 3 winners will present their group project in the BRAUIC Conference and Forum.

Ⅰ. Organizers

● Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia (ITS Surabaya)

● KONE Corporation

● Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC)

Ⅱ. Program


1. The OFFLINE GPBL PROGRAM & PRESENTATION will be held at ITS Surabaya

2. The schedule is subject to changes.

Ⅲ. Program Fee

The online GPBL is FREE to register. The 25 selected students to go to ITS for the on-site program, need to pay for the flight and visa expenses. ITS will cover accommodation, meals, and local transport during the on-site program.

Ⅳ. Requirements

– All undergraduate university students majoring in:

1. Civil Engineering

2. Architecture

3. Regional and Urban Planning

4. Industrial and Systems Engineering

5. Business Management

6. Other Engineering majors

– Confident in English communication skill

– Highly motivated and committed

Ⅴ. Prizes

● 1st Winner: 680 USD & Internship at KONE

● 2nd Winner: 550 USD & Internship at KONE

● 3rd Winner: 340 USD & Internship at KONE

● e-Certificate for all participants

Ⅵ. Register link

Ⅶ. Deadline

26 May 2023 (Friday)

Ⅷ. Contact Person

Mr.Raynaldi or

+62 823-9791-2024

Ⅸ. Website