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LI Junqi, Vice President of BUCEA, invited to address the Symposium on the Implementation of China’s LSI Projects

On the morning of October 24, the Symposium on the Implementation of China’s Large-Scale Infrastructure (LSI) Projects hosted by Russian Highways State Company (Avtodor) and jointly sponsored by China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) was successfully held in Beijing, involving nearly 60 representatives from universities, enterprises, and industry associations in China and Russia. The meeting was moderated by Maria Yamarchuk, Managing Director of Russian National Association of Infrastructure Companies.

LI Junqi, Vice President of BUCEA, together with CHEN Zhong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC and Vice President of CCCC, Igor Kovalyov, First Deputy Chairman of Avtodor, YANG Yi, Deputy Chairman of China Highway Construction Association, and LI Zhenguo, Vice President of Beijing Capital Highway Development Group, was invited to deliver a speech.

LI elaborated on the university’s discipline characteristics, and the achievements of international talent cultivation as well as global S&T cooperation and exchanges. He stressed that from 2022 to now, BUCEA, together with relevant research institutes, famous enterprises and industry associations, has carried out 2 sessions of “Technical Exchanges on China Highway Construction” for Avtodor and in March, 2023, BUCEA and Avtodor officially signed a cooperation agreement. He said that BUCEA will work together with highway construction enterprises and industry associations in China and Russia to carry out more in-depth cooperation for the cultivation of qualified international engineering talents, continue to serve the high-quality development of the communication industry of the two countries, and contribute to the deepening of the S&T innovation cooperation and to the expansion of the exchanges of industrial talents.  

During the meeting, Russian National Association of Infrastructure Companies signed a MoU with China Highway Construction Association, reaching a consensus on further technological exchanges and cooperation. The symposium invited senior executive representatives from key enterprises in the Russian highway construction industry including Avtodor, M-12 Expressway Company, Russian National Association of Infrastructure Companies, Avtoban, Almakor Group, and JSC DonAeroDorStroy to exchange ideas and insights with Chinese experts around the cutting-edge theories and advanced practices in the field of highway construction and to discuss the hotspot issues and latest technical and theoretical experiences in both countries.