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BUCEA Committed to making its campus safe through epidemic prevention and control

During the summer vacation, according to the requirements of the university work meeting on the epidemic prevention and control, the BUCEA Epidemic Prevention and Control Working Group and all departments and units of the university acted quickly and cooperatively to prepare for the back-to-school of teachers and students to make the campus safe for the coming new semester.

Serve the faculty and staff: Deliver precise epidemic prevention and control.

Upon the release of epidemic prevention management plan and relevant notices for the faculty and staff, BUCEA has got a clear idea of the distribution of students, faculty and staff inside and outside Beijing as well as the number of unvaccinated people, and completed other tasks of epidemic response.


Care for students: Manage epidemic to ensure the safety of our students inside and outside the university.


Guard the gateway: Strengthen the management of personnel and visitors entering and leaving the university.

Protect the university comprehensively: Ensure that there is no blind spot in epidemic prevention.

Use science and technology: Apply means of informatization in epidemic prevention and control.


Volunteers: Work in the summer vacation to guide students on scanning QR codes.