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Design Center of BUCEA inaugurated


On the morning of January 14, 2022, the Design Center of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture was officially inaugurated. The Center aims to engage in high-level and innovative practice, cultivate masterpieces and theoretical thoughts, and serve teaching and scientific research, with the aim of giving back to the society and promote disciplinary development. The goals of the Center include to improve the practical capabilities of teachers, unify the management of the in-service teachers contracted design institute projects, build mechanisms and open up channels to promote “industry-university-research” integration, develop BUCEA branding, effectively improve quality, and shape figures and projects characteristic of the brand. The Center is jointly established by the School of Architecture and Urban Planning and BUCEA Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., with Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Design as the leading disciplines, covering a number of related disciplines of BUCEA and bringing together specialized teachers and researchers from across the university.

The Center has employed academicians, national engineering survey and design masters, and well-known experts as consultants. Development consultants include academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering ZHUANG Weimin, MENG Jianmin, CUI Kai; national engineering survey and design masters HU Yue, LI Xinggang; BUCEA alumnus and well-known architect MA Yansong; and prestigious industry experts WANG Mingxian and HUANG Juzheng. Among the 114 experts working for the Center, there is 1 national engineering survey and design master, 22 professors, 9 Class-1 registered architects, and 15 registered urban and rural planners.



The conference invited multiple leading experts and scholars in the field of architectural design to attend as speakers, including HU Yue, national engineering survey and design master, chief architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and Research, and outstanding BUCEA alumnus; and Professor ZHANG Jie, national engineering survey and design master and dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning.



CPC Secretary JIANG Zeting delivering a speech