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"Joint Anti-pandemic Efforts With Warm Care" Collective Birthday Party Held by CCYL BUCEA University Committee for Students Staying at the U

To further give play to the positive role of the CCYL organization in pandemic prevention and control and enhance ideological guidance and care for students staying at the university, the Temporary CCYL BUCEA General Branch for Students Staying at the University during Winter Holiday held a collective birthday party for students staying at the university during the winter holiday with the theme of "Joint Anti-pandemic Efforts With Warm Care" on February 2. The participants included: WEI Wei, Secretary of the CCYL BUCEA University Committee; XU Rongji, a representative of supervisors and an associate professor from the School of Environment and Energy Engineering; deputy secretaries of the Party committees of schools, supervisor (class adviser) representatives, full-time League cadres, and counselors from schools; and 16 students who stayed at the university and celebrated birthday. The activity was carried out both online and offline.


During the activity, ZHOU Kunpeng, a doctoral candidate from the School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, delivered a speech on behalf of those students staying at the university. ZHOU Kunpeng thanked BUCEA and school teachers for their guarantee and care for students and stated that the students at the university were studying hard and conducting high-quality subject researches with unremitting efforts during the winter holiday. Then, deputy secretaries of the Party committees, supervisors, and class advisers from schools gave birthday wishes to those students online and encouraged them to read more books, conduct more scientific researches and do more exercise as far as possible, to enjoy a very meaningful holiday. Next, the father of WANG An, a student from Pre-Master Class 181, participated in the on-site phone call exchange activity. He learned about the students' learning, scientific research and living conditions at the university, thanked the university and teachers, and urged the students to observe BUCEA's anti-pandemic regulations and try their best to improve their research and learning abilities, on behalf of the students' parents.


XU Rongji, a teacher from the School of Environment and Energy Engineering gave birthday wishes to the students on the site on behalf of supervisors. He hoped that the students would "carefully consider" their learning, scientific research and future development goals, learn to be grateful for silent contributions from teachers, staff and parents, and significantly improve themselves while staying at the university. WEI Wei, Secretary of the CCYL BUCEA University Committee, also gave birthday wishes to the students. She hoped that students would deem the period of staying at the university as a "period of reflection", "period of recharging", "period of improvement" and "period of unity and mutual aid", live regularly, study carefully, and improve their skills largely. She said that all-level League organizations would provide support and guarantee for the students in all aspects as far as possible.


At last, every student, who celebrated his/her birthday, wrote the thank-you postcards for their parents, teachers, and friends. The birthday party came to a successful end amid a happy atmosphere. WANG Pengfei, student of Class 19, Geomatics Research Department of the School of Geomatics and Urban Spatial Informatics, said after the event, "This special birthday will become one of my most unforgettable birthdays. I really appreciate that the university and our crew have made such meticulous arrangements. I will also make full use of this special time and have more meaningful and valuable times."


It is reported that BUCEA Youth League Committee established a general branch of the temporary Youth League and 4 temporary Youth League branches during the winter vacation, organized and hold many events, including the themed education and practice activities of "Fighting against COVID-19 with Warming Hearts, Celebrating the Chinese New Year in the Campus", "Keeping a Diary on my Scientific Research" , Check-in for "Encyclopedic Knowledge Contest", "Cloud High Art Appreciation", "I'm Celebrating the Chinese New Year in BUCEA". These actions have brought young people together more closely, served and led them, and delivered care and warmth to students who stayed in the campus during the vacation.