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BUCEA adds 1 recorded undergraduate major and 8 recorded majors for the second bachelor’s degree

Recently, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China has released the “Notice on the Announcement of Record and Approval Results of Undergraduate Majors in Ordinary Higher Education Institutions in 2021” (Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Document [2021] No. 14). It’s known from the document that BUCEA has one more recorded undergraduate major, which is navigation engineering, and eight more recorded majors for the second bachelor’s degree, including transportation engineering.

BUCEA’s newly-recorded undergraduate major in 2021


BUCEA’s newly-recorded majors for the second bachelor’s degree in 2021


Based on the development plan for disciplines in BUCEA, we applied to offer navigation engineering as a new major after integrating the scientific assessment of faculty members and conditions into the thorough investigation of Beijing’s needs for economic and social development. The new major aims to cultivate high-quality and application-oriented professionals that excel both in the profession and comprehensive quality. For one thing, these technical talents are able to solve relevant problems in smart cities and smart navigation. They can also develop products related to navigation and positioning, and offer an integration solution. For another thing, they are not only equipped with strong organizational and management capacity as well as a global vision but also eager to innovate and keep learning.

The past years have witnessed the increasing need for interdisciplinary technical talents due to the technological revolution and industrial transformation. Under such circumstances, more and more students have been applying to study for the second bachelor’s degree. The eight new majors for the second bachelor’s degree are bound to provide our graduates a wider range of choices in their careers and further enhance their competitiveness when they begin to work.