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LIU Xueliang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Acting District Mayor of Daxing District, and the delegation visited BUCEA


On the afternoon of October 15, LIU Xueliang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Acting District Mayor of Daxing District, and his delegation visited BUCEA to discuss university and local government cooperation. HE Jingtao, Deputy District Mayor of Daxing District, and staff of Huangcun Town, the Development and Reform Commission of Daxing District, the Educational Work Committee of Daxing District, the Commission of Planning and Natural Resources of Daxing District, BUCEA leadership, including JIANG Zeting, ZHANG Dayu, CHEN Gang, LI Weiping, and heads of the Party and Administration Affairs Office, Culture Development Research Institute / the School of Arts and Law, Research Development Institute, Beijing Jianda Asset Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiangong Architectural Design and Research Institute, BUCEA Urban Planning and Design Institute, and Science and Technology Park also participated.


The two sides systematically reviewed the landmark cooperation achievements in serving rural revitalization, solid waste reclamation, cultural heritage protection, Daxing International Airport construction, sponge city construction, and scientific and technological transformation. Concerning future cooperation, the two sides agreed to reach a stronger consensus, giving full play to respective advantages, promoting pragmatic cooperation and forming a new government-industry-education cooperation mode combining research and application. The first mission is to jointly build a beautiful Daxing by implementing the planner involvement policy, promoting small and micro spaces upgrading, serving urban renewal and plan implementation, so as to improve city livability. The second is to jointly build a prosperous Daxing by focusing on future construction technologies, developing future architectural industrial parks to serve industrial development. The third is to jointly build a safe Daxing by promoting the planning and construction of the sponge city and ensuring city health examination and safety monitoring. The fourth is to jointly build an intelligent Daxing by improving the demonstration of intelligent building scenarios to promote the construction and maintenance of a smart city.


At the symposium, ZHANG Dayu made an introduction on the basic situation of BUCEA. The two sides will focus on the development of Daxing International Airport Economic Zone, Integrated National Demonstration Zone for Opening up the Services Sector, and Pilot Free Trade Zone, and further strengthened cooperation in scientific research projects, innovative platform construction, joint talent training, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological advances and collaboration of university and local industries. The participants had thorough exchanges and discussions.