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BUCEA Fully Launches COVID-19 Vaccination to Build the Great Wall of Immunity!

In the second spring of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic by the whole nation, the vaccine arrives with glimmers of hope. Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) launches COVID-19 vaccination for teachers and students on March 27 and 28.

One of the most effective initiatives to prevent COVID-19 pandemic resurgence is vaccination. According to the  Notice of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, the Education Commission of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Education Commission on Furthering COVID-19 Vaccination , BUCEA decided upon deliberation to organize COVID-19 vaccination services (the first dose) on both campuses on March 27 (Saturday) and March 28 (Sunday).

The population to be vaccinated is BUCEA faculty and staff members (including the retired), students, employees of enterprises in residence and community family members aged 18 to 59 and of Chinese nationality who meet the requirements for vaccination as well as those who are aged 60 or above, in good health and willing to be vaccinated.


According to the plan, the vaccination site of the Xicheng Campus is in Beijing Exhibition Centre, and the vaccination will begin from 13:00 on March 27 until all the people attending for vaccination on the day are vaccinated, with 600 to 700 people expected to be vaccinated every hour.


The special vaccination site of the Daxing Campus is on the West Campus of Daxing No. 1 Middle School, and the vaccination will be conducted all day on March 27 and March 28 from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 until all the registered are vaccinated, with 300 to 400 people expected to be vaccinated every hour.





Today is the first day of large-scale vaccination for the university. Many students and teachers on the Daxing Campus woke up early in the morning and waited for vaccination with excitement.





Secretary JIANG Zeting and Deputy Secretary CHEN Gang of the CPC Committee, BUCEA, Vice President LI Weiping and Vice President LI Aiqun of BUCEA, Secretary HUANG Jinghong of the CPC Discipline Inspection Committee, BUCEA, Standing Committee members SUN Jingxian, SUN Dongmei and BAI Mang of the CPC Committee, BUCEA went to the inoculation sites in Daxing and Xicheng respectively to get vaccinated together with teachers and students.


The vaccination sites were well-organized, with the temperature measurement area, registration area, vaccination area, observation area, etc. The whole process was simple and clear.


Step one: Health screening. Take temperature and screen for the epidemiological history.



Step two: Registration. The medical staff will scan the ID card, record information, and ask about contraindications; persons to get vaccinated must sign an informed consent form.




Step three: Vaccination. Check and confirm the informed consent form and receive the vaccine. The medical staff will explain the precautions.



Step four: Thirty minutes of observation. During the period, scan the QR code with WeChat to register, and leave if no symptoms of illness occur; if you feel ill, emergency treatment will be given.





After the vaccination, the university leaders communicated with the teachers and students.



Counselors visited dormitories to check vaccinated students.



In less than one hour after the volunteer recruitment notice was released, 58 volunteers were recruited to provide guidance on site; the Students' Red Cross Society of BUCEA promptly established a 20-member working group to serve in the observation area; key members of classes of each school earnestly kept statistics of related information. On the first day of vaccination, 40 student volunteers and over 100 key members of classes guided students, faculty, and staff to take the bus efficiently, line up orderly and get registered, contributing their part in building the Great Wall of immunity of BUCEA.

According to statistics, a total of 4,166 students and teachers volunteered to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on March 27, and the vaccination will continue tomorrow.

At present, the epidemic is still raging all over the world. According to WHO statistics, as of the evening of March 26, the global cumulative number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 reached 124,871,140, with 2,744,543 deaths.

According to the National Health Commission, as of March 26, a total of 97,470,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccination were reported around China.

As of 17:30 on March 25, a total of 13,333,900 doses were received in Beijing by 8,324,300 people cumulatively, including 5,009,600 people who completed the second dose and 3,314,700 people who received the first dose.





Group Photo of a Class after Vaccination


Group Photo of a Class after Vaccination

Vaccination protects vaccinees and other people. Every eligible person should receive the vaccine as far as possible and as soon as possible. Let's join hands to build a security barrier of immunity and a secure and healthy university.