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Seizing the moment and sparing no efforts - three BUCEA new institutions worked towards the implementation of major tasks during the winter

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the CPC's founding and the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Standing at a new starting point, it is essential to make a good start, take a good step, and develop a good new journey. The spring comes earlier when people work hard and keeps moving without a stop during the winter vacation. As it's a long journey ahead, we must spare no efforts! The Science and Technology Development & Research Institute, the International Development Research Institute and the Culture Development Research Institute seize every minute of the winter vacation and investment all energies in tackling challenges and planning for implementing major tasks in 2021.

Lately, a reporter from the Publicity Department of the CPC BUCEA University Committee (the News Center) visited the three novel research institutions and interviewed the staff members.

Science and Technology Development Research Institute (STDRI): the winter vacation is the best time for scientific research.

"We encourage teachers to seize such a golden period of the vocation to dig out and develop profound insights on major scientific issues, technical issues, and application issues in the industry, have close involvement with enterprises and public institutions and competent authorities of industries to understand their needs, organize scientific research teams to work for better and coordinated interdisciplinary development and discipline integration, and jointly promote the development of basic science and applied scientific research," said LI Junqi, STDRI Executive Vice President.


STDRI-organized Interdisciplinary Innovation Forum was launched

During the winter vacation, STDRI organized and held a series of seminars, surveys and researches, exchanges and counseling activities following the ideas proposed in the 14th Five-Year Plan for Technological Innovation and Social Services. STDRI planned the construction of a high-level platform, strengthened interdisciplinary research, and improved problem orientation and tackling key issues. STDRI worked on promoting basic scientific research, boosting the application of findings in multiple projects, e.g. the functional positioning of the capital Beijing, scientific and technological winter Olympics, and accelerating innovation-driven high-quality science and technology development. STDRI collected driving forces to create a good innovation ecology, and motivate the scientific research crew for passion and creativity so as to develop better hard power in science and technology in all-round manners.

Recently, the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Urban Design (UDC), together with the Urban Design Division of Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, conducted investigation, research and supervision on the implementation of all pilot works of the "Small Space for Great Life-The Action Plan for Microspace Transformation around People", and held a coordination meeting on site to address technical difficulties. Besides, UDC worked jointly with the Office of the National Urban Sculpture Construction Steering Committee and Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources to set up an urban sculpture expert panel for strict review on the works of Fengtai District under the Project "Small Space for Great Life" regarding sculpture design plan and three-dimensional samples. They strived to fully inherit the long history and culture of ordnance industry of the region through sculptures, and use this to guide regional cultural development and featured development in the future, and effectively give play to the demonstration effect of urban renewal. At present, all pilot works under the Project "Small Space for Great Life" have been started. UDC will make every effort to ensure high-standard construction, implementation and completion as scheduled, which will be presented as a gift for the 100th anniversary of the party.


UDC supervised the implementation of pilot works under Project "Small Space for Great Life"

It is essential for UDC to prepare for the regular assessment of the center, provide guidance on the landing of 8 pilot plots of small and micro spaces, and check guidelines for the design of public space in Beijing;It is necessary to find out new growth points of multidisciplinary research driven by urban renewal actions by associating with partners including agencies under the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage, The New Airport City at Daxing, executive director units, etc.. "This winter vacation is too short for UDC, as there are so many things they have to do and want to do. We are working on implementing major tasks for 2021 and paving a solid way for the construction and development of the center," said LI Xuehua, STDRI Executive Vice President.


The Urban Big Data Application Research Center (UBDARC) visited enterprises for 

investigation and research

The Urban Big Data Application Research Center (UBDARC) visited the Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing Fangxiu No.1 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and Cultural Relics Management Institute of Huairou District, and conducted detailed research on real needs for the purpose of finding the right direction for the development of the center. UBDARC worked with Beijing Great Wall Cultural Research Institute in starting data collection for Big Data on the Heritage of the Great Wall of Yanqing and Huairou Section, Big Data on Architectural Heritage of the Central City of Beijing and Big Data on Distributed Energy Storage in Beijing, which will avail data service for scientific researches by teachers and students. "Our teacher made full use of the golden time of winter vocation to develop all kinds of work. They set up 12 institutes on big data modeling and intelligent computing, urban and rural heritage and land space planning & energy storage safety, filed applications for the first group projects and defined the basic development pattern", said WANG Jian from the Urban Big Data Application Research Center.


STDRI exchanged opinions with the Development and Reform Commission of 

Yanqing District, Beijing Municipality

"As the epidemic went on, the vast majority of scientific researchers spent the Chinese New Year in Beijing. At this moment, colleges and universities were on holiday, but the government and enterprises were still working as usual. STDRI then took the chance to call on understanding each other's needs, exploring cooperation areas and methods, and promoting the school to serve the capital's economic and social development," said ZHOU Li'an, deputy dean of the Science and Technology Development Research Institute. For this reason, STDRI has been taking positive actions. On January 27, STDRI communicated and exchanged opinions on detailed ecological protection and environmental governance, the transformation of green industry, cultural protection, urban and rural planning and construction management with the Development and Reform Commission of Yanqing District, for the purpose of implementing the strategic cooperation framework agreement between BUCEA and the Government of Yanqing District. On February 3, STDRI visited BBMG New Material Industrialization Group and make profound discussion and exchanges on further scientific cooperation on joint construction of college-enterprise joint laboratories, the renewal of old communities, prefabricated buildings, new building materials, BIM and CIM, new rural construction. On February 4, the Quantong College of Architecture of the International Development Research Institute went to the West Construction Office in Shijingshan District for communication and exchange. The two sides exchanged views on urban landscape optimization, urban culture discovery and urban landscape design in the process of urban renewal and industrial upgrading in the western part of Shijingshan District and the eight industrial factories represented by Shougang Group, and agreed to select some projects for in-depth study.


XU Rongji is leading graduate students to conduct performance testing and optimization and 

enhancement experiments of snow-making machines

The project of "R&D and application demonstration of efficient intelligent snow-making machines under multi-regional climate conditions" is a special project of the national key R&D program "Scientific Winter Olympics", to solve the various current problems with independent snow-making machines such as poor environmental adaptation, difficult quality control, high operating energy consumption and low degree of intelligence. Through the development of technology R&D of high-performance snow-making equipment, it aims to break through key technology bottleneck of outdoor snow-making machines and equipment, master the core key technologies, build a technology and standard system of snow-making equipment, and establish a comprehensive application demonstration project. The project is based on "theory" - "technology" - "core components" - "whole machines" - "demonstration and application", of which, Prof. WANG Ruixiang and Associate Prof. XU Rongji are the people-in-charge for the two core topics of "creation and preparation of core components" and "R&D of whole machines" respectively. "We've tried to seize any opportunity during the pandemic to actively conduct scientific experiments in BUCEA, hoping that through our research, we could see the presence of domestic snow-making equipment in the Winter Olympic Games," said XU Rongji.


Master students of the Sino-Dutch Future Wastewater Treatment Technology R&D Center are

using soil analyzers for the determination and analysis of water quality parameters

"Affected by the pandemic, there were 8 months when students could not carry out experimental research, so they used the winter break to catch up on time. In training graduate students to reach the level of scientific research and graduate successfully, we should have a higher level of pursuit, the pursuit of making a contribution to the development of BUCEA's scientific research and achieving a 'win-win' result between BUCEA and students," said their supervisor, Professor HAO Xiaodi of the College of Environment and Energy Engineering, "To enhance the international visibility of BUCEA and pursue twice the result with half the effort, it is necessary to focus on the international frontier, enhance our level of internationalization, realize the right of BUCEA to have a certain voice in municipal and environmental engineering and other fields, and move toward the world-class level."

International Development Research Institute: No shut-downs for us to ensure an orderly international development

"In order to guarantee a good start and smooth advancement of the internationalization work of BUCEA in the new semester, all staff members of the International Development Research Institute (IDRI) did not suspend their work during the winter break, but rather they kept to their duties and responsibilities and stayed at their posts for thinking and brainstorming, exchanging and discussing views, and taking positive actions throughout the time," said JIANG Jie, Executive Dean of IDRI, "All members of IDRI scientifically planned and laid out in advance the '14th Five-Year Plan' internationalization development plan and the key work in 2021, and strived for the 14th Five-Year Plan development goals to be implementable, innovative and able to leap forward".


Discussion of the implementation program of international conferences

During the winter break, IDRI centered around the Belt and Road International Students' Architectural and Structural Design Competition on the Sustainable Development of the Canal Towns, Resilient Cities Sub-Forum of China-Central and Eastern European Capital Mayors Forum, International Urban Remote Sensing and Geographic Information High-End Forum and International Symposium on Geographic Information and Disaster Management, and other large-scale international exchange activities in 2021, and worked intensively on the formulation of the work programs and preliminary preparations; It worked closely with the Publicity Department and the Web Information Center to carry out the design and development of the English website of BUCEA, accelerating the launch of the English website and showcase the new international image of BUCEA; Through communicating with the Institute of Modern Paper-cutting Art, it discussed how to use the modern paper-cutting artworks of Prof. ZHAO Xigang's team as the basis for making international communication gifts with the label of BUCEA, organizing paper-cutting art exhibitions for diplomats in Beijing, and building a platform for international design and cultural exchange and cooperation, etc., so as to jointly contribute to the diversified and internationalized development of BUCEA. At the same time, IDRI actively made contacts with Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation, China Silk Road Group Limited, PIESAT, Ministry of Planning of Cambodia, the Survey Department of Sri Lanka and other enterprises and governmental departments to seek new ideas and entry points for university-enterprise international cooperation.


The IDRI team members are discussing development ideas of Sino-French Center

Due to the impact of the pandemic, international student enrollment has been facing a severe challenge. IDRI had forethoughts and started preparing intensively during the winter break for the enrollment of international students for the 2021 school year, through the preparation of three types of enrollment prospectuses for English-taught graduate students, Chinese-taught undergraduates and Chinese-taught graduate students and publicizing them widely through CSCSE's website, and the website and WeChat official account of BUCEA. At the same time, IDRI actively promoted the historical and cultural traditions and advantages in talent cultivation of BUCEA, showcase its advantageous disciplines, talent cultivation, international features and scholarship policies, so as to attract outstanding overseas students to get enrolled with Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture; IDRI also actively carried out revision of the training program for international master's students in English for the 2021 academic year, integrate and optimize the curriculums for international students, enhance and expand the teaching characteristics, and integrate innovative methods for talent cultivation.


Ibrahim, a Libyan student of the University is presenting his blessings

"Although I couldn't return to my country during the winter vacation, the teachers' unfailing care and comprehensive protection have made me feel as warm as home. I am very grateful to them for their hard work. Thank you very much," said Ibrahim, the representative of international students from Libya, when talking about his stay in school during the winter vacation. According to the teacher-in-charge of IDRI, there were a total of 7 international students staying in school for the Chinese New Year this year. During the winter vacation, IDRI took the daily management of international students who were staying in school seriously, making daily reports on the health and pandemic prevention situation of the students, understanding and caring about their physical and mental health, life demands and providing timely psychological guidance; cooperating with BUCEA and the communities in pandemic control campaigns and vaccinations; and providing students with employment information and related guidance to help them improve their career skills and prepare for their internship search for the Spring of 2021.

Culture Development Research Institute: Seize the opportunity of the winter break to promote the implementation of our work

"Winter break is a golden period for in-depth research and reflection on our work, and it is important to seize every minute and second to make good use of this precious time," said Sun Dongmei, president of the Culture Development Research Institute (CDRI).


Seminar on the integration of culture and technology-related programs

On the first day of the winter vacation, SUN Dongmei visited the Dongcheng District Government to understand the demand for the construction of a "Cultural Dongcheng" and to exchange views on the protection and revitalization of the cultural heritage of the old city, cultural big data, the cultural forum on the heritage of the central axis and other related work, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention. "It has laid a solid foundation for cooperation by analyzing the revitalization task of the old city in a menu-checking style, building a project library, and delineating a clear framework for follow-up work," said QI Ying, director of the Architectural Heritage and Cultural Research Center. In the following week, an CDRI team led related scholars and expert representatives to visit the Dongsi Street Office in Dongcheng District to understand the construction needs of the "Dongsi Museum Neighborhood" and to exchange views on the historical and cultural excavation of Lane 3 to 8 of Dongsi Street, the collection of heritage information data, and the planning of cultural exploration roads, etc. Wu Zhiqun, director of the Research Center for the Integration of Culture, Science and Technology, believes that through the visit and communication, the direction of cooperation has been further clarified, and the Institute will focus on the construction of the "Dongsi Museum Neighborhood" and actively help BUCEA to make its share of contribution to the building of the national cultural center that strives to be the first and respect cultural heritage.


Visit to the Dongsi Street Office in Dongcheng District

The red culture research project of Yanqing Great Wall War of Resistance under the charge of Professor SUN Xilei, Executive Dean of CDRI, has recently achieved the stage research results. His writing, The Spirit of Haituo Mountain Will Always Prevail, and the Chaobai River Shall Always Persevere - Understanding the Inscription of the Martyrs' Monument in Pingbei Anti-Japanese War,  was reported by mainstream media and platforms such as the People's Daily, Study Times and the project was recommended by the Beijing Great Wall Cultural Research Institute and commissioned by the Publicity Department of the Yanqing District Party Committee to provide theoretical support for holding exhibitions and educational activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party through the systematic excavation and organization of the anti-Japanese war history of the local Great Wall."As a scholar, I don't really have winter and summer holidays in mind, and the holidays are valuable time for me to deepen the research of the project with the hope that it will combine the academic major features of BUCEA and form high-quality cultural results to serve the construction of the four centers in Beijing," said SUN Xilei.

In addition, the Training Camp for World Cultural Heritage Visual Design hosted by the Beijing Great Wall Cultural Research Institute and planned and undertaken by the CDRI attracted more than 260 participants from 30 universities inside and outside Beijing, including the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology and China Academy of Art, as well as the online participation from students and teachers from the University of the Arts London and a number of independent designers. Up to now, it has received more than one hundred pieces of design works from the Camp trainees for the Great Wall National Cultural Park image logo;The renewal and upgrading of the History Museum of BUCEA, the curation of the Red Gene Pool Special Exhibition of Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum, the exhibition upgrading project of the Pingbei Anti-Japanese Memorial Hall, and the research project on the distribution of folk culture of the Beijing Great Wall Cultural Belt have also been in continuous progress.