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BUCEA held a series of homecoming activities

On October 16, BUCEA held a series of homecoming activities. Under the theme of “Reunion to Envision the Future, Reminisce about Campus Life”, the events featured online and offline panel discussions to recall the deep affection between teachers and students and to write glorious chapters for the future.


In order to further pool the intelligence of alumni and support BUCEA’s high-quality development in the new era, an alumni panel discussion was held in the lecture hall on the fifth floor of the Comprehensive Building at Daxing Campus. BUCEA leadership, including JIANG Zeting, ZHANG Dayu, CHEN Gang, LI Weiping, attended the meeting. Eleven alumni representatives and heads of relevant departments participated in the panel discussion.



The Student Affairs Department organized two alumni exchange activities for seniors and freshmen respectively.


The Schools also organized a variety of online and offline activities including international academic seminars, alumni keynote reports, excellent alumni lectures, young alumni forums, and livestreaming campus tours.

BUCEA specially set up a “cloud homecoming” system, which provided a platform for alumni from home and abroad who could not return to their alma mater to participate in homecoming activities and meet their classmates and teachers online.