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Professor MU Jun elected commission member of International Union of Architects (UIA)


Recommended by the Architectural Society of China, Professor MU Jun from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning was elected as member of the UIA Sustainable Development Goals Commission, serving a three-year term.

International Union of Architects (UIA, or “Union Internationale des Architectes” in French) is a class-A consulting organization of UNESCO and the largest global association of architects. Currently, UIA has 14 executive departments, including Architectural Education Commission, International Competitions Commission, Professional Practice Commission and Sustainable Development Goals Commission. The experts work for UIA on behalf of the Architectural Society of China include: Academician ZHUANG Weimin, Professor ZHANG Li, and Chief Architect ZHANG Wei from Tsinghua University; Professor LI Xiangning, Professor YUAN Feng and Associate Professor LIU Kan from Tongji University; Professor ZHANG Tong and Professor DONG Wei from Southeast University; Professor TANG Xiaoxiang and Professor WANG Jing from South China University of Technology; and Professor MU Jun from BUCEA.


Distribution of nationwide demonstrations and practice programs by MU Jun and his team

Professor MU Jun has led series of scientific research projects and won over 20 important professional awards and honors domestically and internationally, including the World Habitat Awards, the Beijing Great Wall Scholar title, the CCTV 2016 Ten Annual Figures in Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Residents, and the 10th Shaanxi Youth Science and Technology Award.