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President ZHANG Dayu leads a delegation to visit universities in Indonesia and Malaysia

On November 14-21, ZHANG Dayu, Chairman of the Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC) and President of BUCEA, led a delegation to visit related universities in Indonesia and Malaysia, with the aim to proactively support the Belt and Road Initiative, consolidate the concrete development of BRAUIC, extend partnerships with the higher learning institutes of the Southeast Asian region, and improve BUCEA’s global networking. During his visit, President ZHANG presided over the 2023 BRAUIC Conference and Expo held at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Indonesia, co-hosted an international talent cultivation and technological cooperation seminar on “architectural heritage protection + smart city management + Chinese language” held by Udayana University in Indonesia, and met with representatives of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Surabaya, the Surabaya Public Housing and Settlement Area and Land Committee and Water Resources and Public Works Committee, as well as the Malaysia-China Digital Cooperation Council, Cooperative agreements were signed or renewed with ITS, Udayana University, Tunku Abdul Rahman University, and Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur, achieving fruitful results.

I. Organizing the 2023 BRAUIC Conference & Expo and related exchange events, driving the Belt and Road Community of Architectural Education onto a path of high-quality development

The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the 6th year since the establishment of the BRAUIC. Upon this occasion, the 2023 BRAUIC Conference & Expo was held in Indonesia, where the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road was first proposed, to summarize the achievements of the education cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative and chart the future course for innovative talent cultivation in architecture. The event was hosted by ITS, member of the BRAUIC. As the Chairman’s Unit and Secretariat’s Unit, BUCEA guided and coordinated with ITS to set up an organizing committee and prepare for this conference together.

On November 15-17, the 2023 BRAUIC Conference & Expo was successfully convened.

The expo on smart city management, education, and technology innovation was held in parallel. More than 20 universities exchanged views over their distinctive school-running models, the latest scientific and technological innovations in key disciplines, as well as their concepts and practical achievements in talent cultivation in smart city construction and digital transformation, reaching multiple cooperation intents and consensus.

II. Co-hosting seminars on university-locality international cooperation in Surabaya and on “architectural heritage protection + smart city management + Chinese language” to facilitate interactions and concrete cooperation among member universities.

On November 15, 12 member universities of the BRAUIC held an international cooperation seminar with the representatives of the Surabaya Public Housing and Settlement Area and Land Committee and Water Resources and Public Works Committee.

On November 18, 9 member universities held an international talent cultivation and technological cooperation seminar on “architectural heritage protection + smart city management + Chinese language”.

ZHANG Dayu delivered speeches at both seminars. He pointed out that the participating universities should leverage on their respective disciplinary advantages, focus on their local historic and cultural heritage, empower smart city management, and jointly cultivate new talents boasting international vision, proficient language skills, and professional expertise. This will serve as the basis for further cooperation in research and technology transfer and the establishment of an integrative platform dedicated to education and research in smart city management.

The heads of architectural planning, civil engineering, economic management, and information engineering of participating universities carried out heated discussions over their respective disciplines, talent cultivation, and international exchanges.

III. Visiting major universities and organizations in Indonesia and Malaysia to deepen intercollegiate cooperation and exchanges.

During his visit, on behalf of BUCEA, President ZHANG Dayu signed intercollegiate cooperation agreements with President Mochamad ASHARI of ITS, President Ngakan Putu Gede SUARDANA of Udayana University, President Ewe Hong TAT of Tunku Abdul Rahman University, President Lenny Chong Ther ZERN of Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur, and reached an intent of cooperation with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Signing Ceremony with ITS

Signing Ceremony with Udayana University

Signing Ceremony with Tunku Abdul Rahman University

Signing Ceremony with Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur

Discussions over cooperation with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

ZHANG Dayu gave a brief introduction of BUCEA, including its prominent disciplines and representative results in serving the planning and construction of Beijing, as well as major measures and latest developments achieved in fostering a platform for international talent cultivation, coordinated technological innovation. and people-to-people exchanges based on BRAUIC. He stressed that BUCEA would like to enhance communication with universities in Indonesia and Malaysia over joint curriculum development, extend the channels for faculty and student exchanges, strengthen technological cooperation, deepen cooperation with industry players, and foster mutual trust and tangible cooperation. BUCEA would also like to invite all parties to develop the Beijing International Innovation Center for Architectural Heritage Protection and Development in the Belt and Road Region and the Joint Laboratory of International Cooperation on Safety and Energy Conservation of Ancient Buildings, and expand cooperation in urban planning and construction, architectural heritage protection, smart architecture and cities, and carbon neutrality and environmental protection, so as to make greater contributions to the educational exchanges and technological cooperation between China and Indonesia, as well as between China and Malaysia.

During the visit, as the Chairman’s Unit of BRAUIC, BUCEA facilitated and organized two signing ceremonies for the member universities, driving the signing of 12 bilateral intercollegiate agreements. This has effectively facilitated integrative education for all members, fostered well-coordinated development, and promoted the sharing of results, contributing to an exchange and cooperation mechanism that covers multiple levels, areas, and forms.

The delegation also met with the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Surabaya and the Malaysia-China Digital Cooperation Council to discuss over deeper cooperation in construction planning and implementation, formulation of standards, joint application for technological projects, training of professionals, urban architectural heritage protection, and organic urban renewal. They also discussed ways to facilitate universities and research institutes in Indonesia and Malaysia to carry out further cooperation and exchanges with BRAUIC members, so as to advance the educational cooperation and people-to-people exchanges among universities of China and ASEAN countries.

Meeting with the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Surabaya

Discussions over cooperation with the Malaysia-China Digital Cooperation Council

The delegation visited 6 universities and organizations; held 3 BRAUIC conferences and expo on education and technology, 2 academic cooperation seminars, and 2 signing ceremonies; and signed 4 cooperation agreements. The visit is a crucial step for BUCEA to fulfill its goal of building a globally renowned high-level university and actively expanding its global networking, which is instrumental in raising the quality and efficiency of international exchanges and cooperation and comprehensively beefing up the level of international education for BUCEA.

The events were also attended by related supervisors from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Graduate School, International Development Research Institute (School of International Education), and School of Architecture and Urban Planning.