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BUCEA Held the 3rd Safe Campus Month --- Experiential Training on Safety Knowledge and Skills

From June 8 to 16, BUCEA organized experiential training on safety knowledge and skills in its two campuses to enhance the safety awareness of all teachers and students and ensure the persisting safety and preparedness of the University.


The University leaders offered guidance on-site




The training mainly provides live experiences. For instance, people on-site can learn the usage of emergency supplies and fire fighting equipment, knowledge of a simulated fire extinguishing system, and even get an opportunity to enter into the tent that simulates a fire escape. It also teaches how to apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation, use an AED defibrillator, employ a rescue knot, and the way of binding up a wound. In addition, participants can learn how to avoid the electric shock, handle the situation once the pan is on fire, and experience the safety VR. Besides, more activities are offered, such as the Q & A about safety knowledge, the asphyxia first aid teaching (Heimlich Maneuver), the sharing of transportation safety knowledge, experience of drunk walking, and how to combat the enemy and fight against terrorism.

The experiential activities, such as the safety knowledge board, the laboratory Q&A, the identification of laboratory safety hazards, VR lab experience, and typical accident videos, enable the teachers and students to fully understand the safety knowledge of the laboratory, like using electricity safely, guaranteeing personal safety when applying chemicals, and providing a safe environment for faculty and students.

This training is incorporated into the university-wide public elective courses. Students participating in and completing 18 activities can collect 18 stamps and obtain 0.5 credits under interdisciplinary training. It’s estimated that more than 3,000 teachers and students participated in this training activity.


Some teachers and students were participating in the activities