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YOU Jun, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Secretary of Education Work Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, visits BUCEA for research and safety inspecti

On the morning of May 3, YOU Jun, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Secretary of Education Work Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, visited Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) for research. LIU Chang’an, member of Education Work Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and leaders of the university participated in the research.

YOU Jun came to the library of Daxing Campus and enjoyed the exhibition of the achievements of BUCEA in serving capital planning and construction, the exhibition of scientific research platform construction and the “Model of the Old Beijing City”, and learned in detail about the achievements of the university in serving capital planning, design and construction. YOU also asked about the progress of BUCEA in serving capital urban renewal and management, the elaborate design for urban renewal, the protection and inheritance of historical and cultural heritages, etc. LI Junfeng, Secretary of the CPC Committee, BUCEA, reported on the basic situation, characteristics and positioning of the university, its achievements and development goals. Then, ZHANG Dayu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of BUCEA, introduced in detail the key projects of the university in serving urban and rural construction of the capital.

YOU jun fully affirmed the role BUCEA plays in taking its root of education in Beijing, adhering to the characteristic development and serving the development of urban and rural construction in Beijing. He also expressed his affirmation of the contribution made by the university in practicing the important idea of “people’s city”, helping the implementation of “three rules”, cultivating talents as urban planners, designers and architects, and actively serving the high-quality development of the capital. He hoped that BUCEA would adhere to the overall leadership of the Party over the work of the university, further implement the fundamental task of strengthening morality education and cultivating people, effectively coordinate the work in education, science and technology, and talents, in order to achieve high-quality development on the new journey.

YOU visited the large-scale multi-functional shaking table laboratory of BUCEA and the Key Laboratory of Urban Stormwater System and Water Environment of the Ministry of Education. He spoke highly of the achievements of the major research platforms of BUCEA and hoped that the university would take it as a foundation to actively meet the needs of national major science and technology strategies and the demands of the construction of the “four centers” in Beijing, thus providing strong scientific and technological support and talent guarantee for the high-quality economic and social development of the city and the country.

In the School of Environment and Energy Engineering, YOU Jun learned about the basic information of the disciplines, faculty, scientific research, teaching and research bases, etc. YOU also required that the school should firmly establish safety awareness, carry out in-depth investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards, and tighten and implement the responsibility of safety management, so as to build a solid defense line for campus safety.