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BUCEA successfully held the “BeiDou + Intelligence” sub-forum of 2021 China BDS Applications Conference

On October 11, the sub-forum themed on “Beidou + Intelligence: Empowering the Internationalization of Digital Economy Industries” of the 2021 China BDS Applications Conference was successfully held at Zhengzhou International Convention & Exhibition Centre. The sub-forum was hosted by the Global Services of GNSS & LBS Association of China (GLAC-Global Services), organized by Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA), and supported by “Innovation China”. The sub-forum, which attracted more than 200 participants offline and nearly 600,000 participants online, played an important role in promoting the internationalization of “Beidou + Intelligence”. The forum was addressed by LIU Dake, Vice President and Secretary-General of GLAC, and chaired by Professor JIANG Jie, Executive Dean of the International Development Research Institute of BUCEA.

Leading experts from scientific institutes and companies were invited to share their ideas on the important role of “Beidou + Intelligence” in promoting the internationalization of the digital economy industry. Their ideas, from multiple perspectives and dimensions covering China-Europe Railway Express, smart rescue, urban governance, global monitoring, smart equipment, and international laws involved in the promotion of BeiDou, were conductive to BeiDou applications, innovative and smart development, win-win digital economy, and relevant national strategies. These invited experts were from China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Beijing Yuanmeng Daokang Technology Co., Ltd., ISSTECH Co., Ltd., PIESAT International Technology Limited, and Zhejiang Robot Association.


Since the end of 2018, China’s BeiDou navigation satellite system has been serving Belt and Road countries and regions; in 2020, global coverage has been achieved and the BeiDou-3 system has been officially launched. To accelerate the internationalization of satellite navigation and positioning, especially the global application of the BeiDou system, in June 2020, GLAC approved the establishment of GLAC-Global Services (an attached unit to China International GeoInformation Corporation Limited with BUCEA as secretary-general unit and Professor JIANG Jie from International Development Research Institute as the Secretary-General). Centering around the international development of the BeiDou system, the GLAC-Global Services has been commissioned to carry out research on the development strategies of space and time information comprehensive services, policies, and management methods, and organize international and domestic academic exchanges and technology promotion so as to promote the internationalization and global application of related new technologies, products, and research outcomes.

Focusing on “Beidou + Intelligence: Empowering the Internationalization of Digital Economy Industries”, the GLAC-Global Services has organized international and domestic academic conferences and international sci-tech competitions and summer camps for university students, applied for international sci-tech cooperation projects, promoted cooperation between international NGOs and academic institutions, and applied “BeiDou +” to farming and urban services. The GLAC-Global Services’ working framework and vision have become increasingly clear.


Digital economy is typical of the post-industrial economy and is the core of the information economy, knowledge economy, and smart economy. The historical opportunities amid digital economy development have enabled China to achieve great leaps in many fields. At present, the digital economy has become a new engine driving domestic and global economic growth. Besides, new business models springing up along with the development of the digital economy have become new important economic growth points. Digital economy, coupled with BeiDou’s global service, is expected to become a pillar in promoting BeiDou’s global application and increasing China’s global role.

At 2021 China BDS Applications Conference, an award for advanced professional committee has been granted to the GLAC-Global Services.