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Teachers pledge to make the country strong! BUCEA celebrates the 39th Teachers’ Day

On the afternoon of September 7, a grand gathering themed “Be a Good Teacher to Make the Country Strong” was held by BUCEA in the gymnasium of the Daxing Campus to celebrate the 39th Teachers’ Day.

On behalf of the university, LI Junfeng, Secretary of the CPC Committee of BUCEA, extended festive greetings to all teachers and staff and expressed warm congratulations to the commended groups and individuals.

LI pointed out that the CPC Committee of BUCEA attached great importance to building a quality teacher force. In this regard, it thoroughly implements the strategy of invigorating the university with talent cultivation and the program “Introduction & Cultivation of Excellent Talent”, makes greater efforts to cultivate outstanding young talent, expands the pool of high-quality teaching staff, continues to care for teachers to promote the sense of belonging, sense of gains and happiness of faculty members.

LI emphasized that teachers should consciously take up the responsibility of making our country a powerhouse in education, stay true to the founding mission of education, become fine ethical role models for students, uphold fundamental principles and break new grounds, and reflect on the mode of education and teaching to meet the new situation.

ZHANG Dayu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of BUCEA, announcing the nomination for the 2023 BUCEA Faculty Teaching Award

LI Junfeng and ZHANG Dayu awarding trophies and certificates to the teachers winning BUCEA’s first Faculty Teaching Award

WANG Yiming, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of BUCEA, announcing the results of other awarded teachers on Teachers’ Day

Leaders awarding medals and certificates to the honored groups and individuals

LI Junfeng and ZHANG Dayu wore commemorative medals for honorably retired BUCEA faculty and staff as well as those who have worked in the university for thirty years. Representatives of teachers and students presented them with bouquets.

WANG Yiming LI Na, Vice President of the high school affiliated to BUCEA, and ZHANG Jing, Vice President of the primary school affiliated to BUCEA, presented awards to representatives of honorably retired faculty and staff of the two schools as well as those who have worked in the schools for thirty years.

The Human Resources Office handing over the list of retired teachers to the Office of Retired Faculty and Staff Affairs

Prof. DU Mingyi, Prof. FENG Cuimin, and Prof. XIAO Jianjie, representative winners of the Faculty Teaching Award, told their stories of educating students in BUCEA.

An oath-taking ceremony for new teachers was held at the meeting. Representatives of the teachers who have taught for thirty years wore the emblem of BUCEA for the new teachers.

Teacher and student chorus members leading all the attendees to sing the anthem