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Disaster survey into over 80 rural residences completed by two BUCEA’s flood prevention and disaster relief teams stationed in affected areas

Due to Super Typhoon Doksuri, areas including Mentougou District have suffered from continuous torrential precipitation rarely seen in history, facing a grim situation. From August 9 to August 17, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) quickly set up a second post-disaster reconstruction technical support team of more than 30 members to carry out a 7-day technical investigation and comprehensive disaster assessment in the affected towns and villages. With their efforts, a detailed investigation was made into the devastation of all village roads, buildings, public service facilities, and municipal utilities, as well as hidden dangers of geological disasters in the surrounding regions, acquiring basic assessing data and offering technical support for post-disaster reconstruction decision-making.

President ZHANG Dayu, Vice President LI Junqi, and members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of BUCEA, the Publicity Department, and the Research Development Institute successively came to the frontline of village investigation and provided technical guidance and care for the teams stationed in the villages.  

By August 17, the support teams have accomplished tasks including the comprehensive investigation of more than 80 rural houses, primary-level government meetings, and interviews with villagers and village officials. Based on on-site visits, they also recorded the water levels of floods, carried out walk-over surveys into the damaged houses, and checked hidden dangers.