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BUCEA Received “High-Tech-Based Winter Olympics” Funding Under the 2021 China’s National Key R&D Program

On June 23, the Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21 released the guidelines and approval for the 2021 China’s National Key R&D Program “High-Tech-Based Winter Olympics”. Endorsed by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, headed by BUCEA, and organized by Professor ZHANG Ailin, the project named “Core Technology for Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Temporary Facilities of Beijing Winter Olympics” was approved. The project received 15.85 million RMB funding from the central government.

Ten units are involved in the project, ensuring the integration of enterprises, universities, and research institutes. Those units are Beijing ADG Sports Culture Co., Ltd., Chongqing University, Beijing Mohe Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiaotong University, China Architecture Design and Research Group, North University of China, Dalian University of Technology, Shenyang Jianzhu University, and Guangzhou University.




The project centers on the research and application of key innovative technologies such as the “high-performance cold-resistant temporary or mobile facility supporting frame construction”, the “foundation treatment and operation and maintenance ensuring safe high-capacity temporary facility in severely cold mountainous regions”, the “monitoring and warning system for temporary facilities based on smart IoT under severely cold conditions”, the “assembling zero-emission modular restrooms and wastewater treatment and recycle”, and the “heating, insulation, and ventilation of temporary structures in a low-carbon way”. These technologies contribute to China’s efforts in hosting an innovative, safe, comfortable, energy-efficient, low-carbon, and cost-efficient Winter Olympics.


The project team visited the Temporary Facilities Office of BOCOG.


The project team visited the Yanqing competition zone and investigated the demands for temporary facilities with the leaders of the Beijing Enterprises Group Co., Ltd.