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Academician QIAN Qihu from Army Engineering University of PLA delivers an impressive lecture at BUCEA

To further advance the building of BUCEA’s talent cultivation scheme for planners, designers, and architects, BUCEA initiated the Master Lecture Series themed on “Face-to-face Communication with Masters” this semester. On the afternoon of October 6, BUCEA invited QIAN Qihu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, winner of the Highest Science and Technology Awards, recipient of the August 1 Medal, and professor of the Army Engineering University of PLA, to deliver a keynote lecture on “The Ambition to Become Talents and Serve the Motherland”. In addition to the onsite attendance by BUCEA leaders, heads of relevant departments and representatives of faculty and students, tens of thousands of audiences attended the lecture virtually.

Academician QIAN Qihu delivering the lecture

LI Junfeng, Secretary of the CPC Committee of BUCEA, granting the commemorative trophy of BUCEA Master Lecture Series to Academician QIAN Qihu

ZHANG Dayu, President of BUCEA, giving remarks

BUCEA’s student representative presenting a flower bouquet to Academician QIAN Qihu