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BUCEA “2023 Fair of Making” Awarding & Exhibition Opening Ceremony held in Jinpoluo Village, Miyun District

Poster for the “2023 Fair of Making” Beijing Design Week

On September 2, the Awarding & Exhibition Opening Ceremony of the “2023 Fair of Making” was held at a farm in Jinpoluo Village, Xiwengzhuang Town, Miyun District. The event was a collaboration between Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) and the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Miyun District. As a kickoff event for the “Popular Science Support Project” by the Architectural Society of China and the “Design Hop” project of Beijing Design Week, the event brought together eight participating teams from seven universities in Beijing. Focusing on the theme “Inside and Outside”, the teams completed six design projects after spending one and a half months on design and five days on on-site construction.

The opening ceremony was attended by ZHANG Dayu, President of the host university BUCEA; MA Chao, Deputy District Mayor of Miyun District People’s Government; LI Zhongguo, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design; CHEN Hongbing, Vice President of BUCEA; HU Yue, National Engineering Survey and Design Master and a professor at BUCEA; BAI Dapeng, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Miyun District; WANG Yijiang, Party Secretary of Jinpoluo Village in Xiwengzhuang Town, as well as the deans, faculty, and students from architectural colleges of the seven participating universities.

MA Chao, Deputy District Mayor of Miyun District People’s Government, mentioned in his speech that the launching of the “Fair of Making” was a valuable endeavor that injected the cultural creativity of university faculty and students into the rural regions in Miyun, and incorporated spatial and architectural art into village environments, marking the new beginning of collaboration of rural areas, universities, and the artistic community.

ZHANG Dayu, President of BUCEA, pointed out in his speech that the “Fair of Making”, as one of the significant popular science education initiatives undertaken by BUCEA as a popular science base under the Architectural Society of China, had received strong support from the Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee and BUCEA’s partner universities in Beijing. BUCEA has been on good terms with Miyun District, which in turn, enables the university to fully display its creativity and technology and contribute its wisdom and strength to rural revitalization and construction.  

President ZHANG Dayu giving a speech

Deputy District Mayor MA Chao giving a speech

Vice President CHEN Hongbing hosting the opening ceremony

Dr. CHENG Yanchun, the founding partner of CPLUS, interpreting the question he set for the event

Expert judges evaluating the participating works on site

After deliberation by the panel of judges, the work “Morning and Evening Pavilion” from BUCEA was awarded the first prize at the “2023 Fair of Making”. The award-winning works and teams under other categories were also announced, followed by an award ceremony.

The team from BUCEA winning the first prize at the “2023 Fair of Making”

The teams from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and North China University of Technology winning the second prize

The teams from Beijing University of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, and Beijing Forestry University winning the third prize

HAN Miao, Director of the BUCEA Office of Academic Affairs, presenting the Environmentally Friendly Award to the team from BUCEA

KANG Jian, Secretary of the CYLC Committee of BUCEA, presenting the Best Craftsmanship Award to the team from the Central Academy of Fine Arts

BAI Dapeng, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Miyun District, presenting the Villager-Favorite Award to the team from Beijing Jiaotong University

Master HU Yue giving professional remarks and evaluations on the participating works

WANG Yijiang, Secretary of the CPC Party Branch in Jinpoluo Village, delivering a speech

MU Jun, Executive Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at BUCEA, announcing the opening of the exhibition

“2023 Fair of Making” Award-Winning Works & Exhibition