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Delegation of University of South Wales, UK visits BUCEA and signs a cooperative agreement

On November 22, Donal O’Connor, Director of International and Future Students; and Jane WANG, Transnational Education Manager, visited BUCEA and signed a new intercollegiate agreement. The event was attended by Vice President LI Junqi as well as representatives from the International Development Research Institute and School of Urban Economics and Management of BUCEA.

LI Junqi extended a warm welcome to Director Donal O’Connor and his delegation on behalf of BUCEA. He said that the two sides have formally entered a framework agreement for master’s student exchanges in the field of engineering management as well as franchised course arrangements. He expressed his hope for the agreement to pave the way for closer ties and more concrete actions among the international departments and subordinate colleges of both universities, in order to further develop the joint cultivation model applied by the two universities over the years into a Sino-foreign cooperatively-running program recognized by the national education authorities of both China and UK.

Donal O’Connor said that BUCEA has been one of the longest standing international partners for the University of South Wales. With internationalization on top of its agenda, the University of South Wales looks forward to leveraging the best opportunities presented by the times to achieve more success in faculty and student exchanges, scientific research cooperation, and overseas franchised courses.

Representatives from both sides had in-depth discussions on expanding cooperation in more disciplines, as well as joint training, collaborative research, and summer schools at the master’s level.

JIANG Jie and Donal O’Connor signing an intercollegiate agreement on behalf of BUCEA and the University of South Wales, respectively

Donal O’Connor and his delegation visiting the Smart Construction Innovation Center at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning