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School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture has a profound foundation and a complete undergraduate and graduate education system. It is located in the Xicheng Campus of BUCEA (No. 1, Zhanlanguan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing). Architecture major is a national characteristic major. The Architecture major passed the national professional evaluation in 1996, and won the national professional evaluation review (Effective for 6 years) in 2019. Urban and Rural Planning and Design passed the National Professional Assessment in 2011, and the Urban and Rural Planning passed the National Professional Assessment in 2019 (Effective for 6 years). BUCEA is the second university of its type in China that has set up the major of Historic Building Preservation Engineering (2012). In 2012, it was authorized to offer doctoral program in Historic Building Preservation Engineering. In 2014, it launched a postdoctoral program. In 2018, Architecture was approved as a first-lever discipline to offer doctoral program.

At the school, the interdisciplinary disciplines of architecture, architecture (professional degree), urban and rural planning, urban planning (professional degree), landscape architecture, design, industrial design engineering and architectural heritage conservation are offered. At the same time, the majors of architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, historic building conservation engineering, environmental design, industrial design (enrollment stopped in 2020) have been set up. In 2019, Architecture major was approved as a national first-class undergraduate program. In 2019, the school's architecture discipline was approved as the first-class discipline in Beijing. In 2019, Urban and Rural Planning was approved as a first-class major in Beijing.

In recent years, the school has established a national experimental center for virtual simulation of construction process, Beijing key laboratories of green building and energy saving technologies, Beijing municipal innovation practice teaching centers, and a talent training base for the National Cultural Heritage Administration, focusing on "Future Urban Design", "Green and Energy-saving Building", "Cultural Heritage Protection" and "Digital Analog Design". The School of Architecture has established good cooperative relations with architecture schools in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia and other countries, as well as in Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan region. The school has a strong academic atmosphere and a team of teachers with leading professional qualities. Taking "solid foundation, wide caliber, strong ability and high quality" as the main principal for talent training and "based on the capital, facing the whole country, relying on the construction industry, serving urban and rural construction" as the goal of school running, the school aims to cultivate high-level talents to serve the needs of urban and rural construction.